Ice FUE HairTransplant

Ice FUE Hair Transplant

Risk And Side Effects Of FUE Hair Transplant

The Ice FUE Hair Transplant is another method developed to specifically extend the life-span of extracted grafts and provide lasting results. The Ice FUE Hair Transplant is identical to the traditional FUE method, in terms of the specific methodology and the extraction and implantation technique. However, the differentiating factor of this method is that during the extraction process the grafts are submersed in a special solution aimed at elongating their life-span while not in contact with the scalp.

The procedure begins with the application of local anaesthesia to the donor of the patient as well as the recipient area. This is applied in order to eliminate any discomfort that may occur. Once the anaesthesia begins to show its influence, the surgeon then begins to extract the healthy donor grafts, carefully mapping the process to ensure that the donor area is not over-harvested.

Upon careful harvesting, the grafts are then placed into small sterile containers with the Ice Solution and are then placed into a freezer keeping them between 2-4 degrees. This special mixture of antioxidant agents and vitamins along with the temperature both strengthens and optimises the pH balance of the graft surroundings thus elongating their life-span. The solution also acts as a coolant which brings down the temperature of the grafts hence preventing inflammation.

Once the harvesting phase is complete, the surgeon then opens micro channels into the recipient area, then the grafts are taken out of the IceGraft Solution and carefully placed into the channels. This process significantly increases the survival rate and quality of the grafts which has a highly positive effect on the outcome of the hair transplan

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FUE Hair Transplant Results

Most patients understandably want to see immediate results after the procedure. Of course this is to be expected as patients invest time, money, and care towards ensuring they receive the results they envision. Nevertheless, one of the most critical matters to keep in mind is that results require patience. A hair transplant can never be expected to provide an immediate change.

In this regard, to paint a clearer picture of what is to be expected, we provide both transparent knowledge on the entirety of the process and what to expect during the aftercare process as well.

Your scalp will feel quite sensitive during the first few days after the transplant. In fact, immediately after the procedure, wearing a bandage is quite important in ensuring that this sensitive area is not susceptible to infection or damage.


Risks and Side Effects of FUE Hair Transplant

Performing a hair transplant requires a great deal of expertise and care. Although the procedure itself is completely safe, patience may experience minor side effects during the immediate healing process. However these are completely normal and even able to be much less invasive by taking the correct precautions.

The Costs of FUE Hair Transplant Operations

To give an exact number of the cost of the procedure is not possible. There are many factors which play into the cost of the hair transplant such as the technique and additional treatments given alongside the transplant. For example the Ice FUE method and Sapphire FUE method are slightly more costly than the conventional FUE method

FUE Hair Transplant in Turkey

A truly successful and solution-oriented FUE hair transplant is within arm’s reach with esteGrande. With our years of expertise in this method we utilise both our experienced approach and the most advanced techniques currently available. As a result of this you can absolutely feel safe and secure knowing you are in expert hands.

Frequently Asked Questions About the FUE Method

Wenn Sie eine FUE-Haartransplantation in Betracht ziehen, empfehlen wir Ihnen, sich mit uns in Verbindung zu setzen. Diese Frage können wir ohne Prüfung Ihres Einzelfalls nicht beantworten. Faktoren wie der Grad des Haarausfalls, die Verfügbarkeit des Spenderbereichs, die Qualität der Spendertransplantate, das Alter, die Krankengeschichte usw. bestimmen, ob Sie ein geeigneter Kandidat für ein FUE-Verfahren sind.

Drei Monate nach der Operation können Sie ein deutliches Wachstum feststellen. Allerdings erfordert das Sehen von Ergebnissen bei Haartransplantationen Geduld. Es kann mehr als ein Jahr dauern, bis Sie Ihre endgültigen Ergebnisse sehen.

Die Dauer der Haartransplantation hängt von der Anzahl der Transplantate ab, die zur Abdeckung des kahlen Bereichs benötigt werden. Aber um Ihnen eine Vorstellung zu geben, können wir sagen, dass das FUE-Verfahren bis zu 8 Stunden dauert.

Die während der FUE-Methode transplantierten Haare sind dauerhaft. 

Sie sind resistent gegen Verschütten. Wenn Ihr Haarausfall jedoch noch im Gange ist, wenn Sie eine Haartransplantation beantragen, oder wenn Sie später in Ihrem Leben weiteren Haarausfall erleiden, können die nicht transplantierten Haare ausfallen. Dies kann einige Lücken in deinem Haar hinterlassen. Doch durch sorgfältige Planung lassen sich unnatürliche Erscheinungen vermeiden. Wenn Sie eine vollständige Abdeckung wünschen, können Sie eine weitere Haartransplantation durchführen lassen.