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Haartransplantation ohne Rasur

Sapphire Fue Hair Transplant

Risks and Side Effects of Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant

    What is NO SHAVE Hair Transplant? 

    Hair transplant can also be done without shaving the head, so the patient can continue his or her daily life easily.


    The grafts are inserted amongst the hairs without shaving the whole head.


    This method can be done using the regular FUE or DHI method.


    In order to understand if you are a good candidate for a NO shave hair transplant, we need to evaluate your hair.


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    The patient has to be more careful after the operation. The healing process can be more difficult in this method. The risk of postoperative complications is slightly higher.

    Minor scars do occur during the operation. However, unshaven hair transplantation can cover the scars, and it is helpful for a natural appearance after the operation.

    Experienced doctors may perform in every way possible. You shouldn’t insist on the methods that the doctors do not recommend because it can be dangerous for the patient to use uncertified pens. It may damage the area.

    If you want to cover the damages that the operation does, you should prefer this method as it hinders the post-operation complications.