Preparing Your Hair for Autumn, The changing of seasons plays a huge role in our lives, even in our hair. The alterations in temperature can cause numerous problems for our hair. When the cold weather kicks, hair tends to develop dryness, dandruff, and frizz. 

Preparing Your Hair for Autumn

And opposite to animals who grow thicker coats for winter, we humans lose our hair. A research found out that during autumn, we tend to lose more hair than any other season. Hair strands take between two and six years to grow. That said, 90% of our hair is growing while the remainder is in a resting state for between two and six months.

The study found that the participating patients had the highest proportion of resting hair in July, with the resting stage typically ending between October and November. Scientists also suggest that more hair is grown throughout the summer months to protect the scalp from ultraviolet radiation. This additional growth is no longer during autumn, and therefore, the hair sheds.

However, there is still no definitive study on how the autumn season affects the hair this much. And there is still no conclusion as to how changing of seasons, in general, affects the hair. However, here are some tips you can do to prepare your hair for autumn season:

Keep Your Hair Hydrated.

The cold temperatures can cause our hair to dry out and become brittle. Use a moisturising shampoo and conditioner, and try to drink plenty of water during the autumn months. The lack of moisture can also result in a dry scalp due to less sebum production, which may lead to dandruff and itching.

Avoid Applying Heat to Your Hair.

This includes hot water. Applying heat to your hair, in general, can cause a lot of damage. It can dry out your hair and cause it to be brittle. Just like heated styling accessories, hot water can cause more frizz and dry out your hair even more. Try setting your water temperature to lukewarm to avoid frizzy hair.

Prefer Natural Products.

Unnatural and alcohol-based products strip off the natural oils of your hair, leading to dry hair. Be sure to use products with natural ingredients to avoid drying out your hair.

Do Not Wash Your Hair Too Often

In keeping it hydrated, you don’t need to wash it too often. Wash your hair only when needed. This is to allow your hair to keep its natural oils to keep it hydrated.

Seasonal shedding is perfectly common and normal. This shouldn’t be a cause of concern. These four tips can help you prevent hair loss and other hair damages brought about by this natural phenomenon. However, slightly higher levels of hair loss might not be normal, especially when it’s consistent through whatever season. For people experiencing this problem, aside from these four tips, there are a lot more solutions for you.

You can contact esteGrande to help you with your problem. Our hair specialists will assess the cause of your shedding and also discuss the treatments possible to mend your hair loss problem and stimulate growth.

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