Debunking Myths about Hair Transplant in Turkey

Debunking Myths about Hair Transplant in Turkey, If you notice that you are losing your hair or you’ve already gone bald, getting hair transplantation can help. Many people deter away from this idea since the cost of getting hair transplantation is not that cheap. Still, there is an affordable alternative you can opt for, and that is getting a hair transplantation operation in Turkey.

Debunking Myths about Hair Transplant in Turkey

In Turkey, the prices of this operation are much lower than in Europe or America. Many myths and misconceptions surrounding hair transplants in Turkey scare away people, though. As we will explain below, these are merely misconceptions and not true at all. 

Getting a Transplantation in Turkey Is Just as Expensive Too

The most common myth surrounding transplantations in Turkey is about the pricing. For example, in the United Kingdom, you would pay more than double the price for a hair transplantation treatment. To get an idea about how much you can save by getting a hair transplant in Turkey, contact our team. At esteGrande, we help men and women of all ages restore their youthful appearance for affordable prices.

Anyone Can Get a Hair Transplantation

Before you book for transplantation in Turkey, consider speaking to a doctor beforehand. This will help detect certain conditions that may prevent us from doing hair transplantations on you before making any commitments. The main reasons why someone might not be eligible for hair transplantation include the following:

  • Hair loss that is temporary
  • Hair loss related to medications and or stress
  • Having no growing hair at all
  • Hair loss that’s in its early stages
  • Thin hair follicles in the donor area

It does not make much sense to get a hair transplant if you lost your hair temporarily. You can get other treatments before getting a transplant. Our team can give you more info about other treatment options for hair loss.

Similarly, let’s say you experienced hair loss as a result of medication intake or excessive amounts of stress. Getting a transplant in this scenario may not be the right option because your newly implanted hair may suffer from losses too. Our team can help you draw a path towards hair restoration too.

Some diseases cause the patient to lose all body hair completely. If that is the case for you, unfortunately, a transplant is not an option for you. For a hair transplant operation to take place, we need hair present on the body.

Meanwhile, some patients start seeking treatment options with the early signs of hair loss. This is quite a good strategy, though we don’t recommend hair transplantation right away. Our doctors can also help with management therapies, so get in touch with esteGrande to take action against hair loss. 

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