Depression and Hair Loss, Almost everyone, men and women, experience hair loss problems. Genetic factors, hormonal changes, stress, irregular nutrition may cause hair loss depending on the symptoms you have. The healthy cycle of hair strand sometimes does not work properly for these reasons. You should know that this process is quite normal and accept that this is temporary. Therefore, people should move away from anxiety and stress.

Seasonal transitions may affect some people negatively in terms of mental and physical health. This may lead to hair loss between seasonal shifts. However, people suffering from winter depression may also experience these spills.

Although the loss of 100 hairs per day is normal, it may go up to 200 in seasonal shifts

These spills last for 1-2 weeks, and they do not lead to a sparse on the scalp. You should consult an expert if the number of loss exceeds the average. Seasonal hair loss appears to be a temporary problem. However, it affects many people psychologically.

In severe stress situations, you may experience temporary hair loss. Stress causes the secretion of various stress hormones in our body. It causes the internal balance to deteriorate, and as a result, many diseases emerge. Negative thoughts and feelings, anxiety or depression affect the secretion of excessive stress hormone. These powerful hormones slow down the blood flow that feeds the scalp and hair follicles. If the stress situation is long, the hair follicles cannot get enough nutrients and oxygen; this accelerates hair loss.

How to treat hair loss in case of depression

At this point, people should not be worried and should pay extra attention to mental and physical health. In this process, adhering to a healthy and balanced diet program and especially choosing foods containing vitamins and proteins will help reduce spills. On the other hand, using chemical-free shampoos and caring for hair with natural care oils such as olive oil, coconut oil, help you to overcome this process with minimal loss. In addition, hair mesotherapy methods will be very useful in this process to recover your lifeless hair. Stress control, disease or surgery to rest the body enough to prevent this type of hair loss is the most effective solution.

How does hair loss affect psychology?

Physical beauty is an important part of self-confidence. Hair loss significantly lowers self-esteem and makes us feel less confident. Furthermore, it is a decisive factor for the physical charm and individual expression. It adversely affects the feeling of being attractive. It might be hard for women who experience hair loss to be in social environments that give importance to a youthful and beautiful appearance.

In extreme situations, some people may experience major problems reaching up to depression due to hair loss. Some people assume that when their hair starts to fall, there are things they can’t turn around and they lose control of their own lives. Many studies have shown that people with advanced baldness are more prone to anxiety and depression. Stress and hair loss affect each other mutually. Why Excessive Vitamin A Can Cause Hair Loss?

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