Do Hair Transplants Cause Nerve Damage?

Do Hair Transplants Cause Nerve Damage? Hair transplant is generally a lighter procedure compared to other operations. However, it is a surgical procedure. That said, unlike other surgical interventions, the risk of hair transplant is close to zero thanks to advanced technologies in the field. Thanks to the Fue and DHI methods, the risk of bleeding occurring after the hair transplant operation has become less than 0.2%.

Do Hair Transplants Cause Nerve Damage?

Hair transplantation does not in any way harm brain tissue. The surface where the hair transplantation is carried out is in the dermis region of the skin. Therefore, it can’t reach the brain tissue. There are no published studies of hair transplantation, causing nerve damage.

You should prefer capable surgeons and transplant centres to minimise the possibility of risks. All instructions given before and after the operation should be followed. Otherwise, you may encounter unexpected results. Some side effects or undesirable conditions that occur after hair transplantation are the following: 

  1. Swelling

One of the side effects of hair transplantation is swelling, which lasts a few days after the operation. The activities performed during the procedure may cause swelling and oedema, which may occur within a few days. These conditions can be seen in 80% of the patients. 

      2. Acne formation

Acne, which is one of the side effects after hair transplantation, is one of the common side effects also. It is a small skin lesion that occurs after the hair transplant. This is an indication of hair follicles holding to the scalp. Acne formation passes after three days.

After the hair transplant operation, the patient should apply lotion and wash the transplanted area in a delicate, doctor-prescribed manner. You should always perform these according to doctors’ instructions and advice. Three days after the hair transplant, you should wash your scalp in a gentle, delicate way. It softens the shells and helps hair follicles come out quickly. 

Measures to Take before Hair Transplantation

Only get a hair transplant from experienced doctors and in a well-equipped clinic. An experienced and previously successful physician will guarantee your satisfaction with the treatment. However, there are some points you should pay attention to before the operation for a healthy healing period.  

  • You should stop drinking alcohol and smoking at least a week before the surgery.
  •  It may be necessary to discontinue other medicines as well.
  • If you have other diseases and medications you are treating, report this to your doctor and follow their advice on this subject.
  • You should take a bath before the procedure as you cannot wash your hair for three days after the operation.

Hair transplantation operations are microsurgical aesthetic operations. As in every surgical process, the priority of the hair transplantation operations is the health of the person. At esteGrande, we care deeply about our patients’ health. Therefore we provide our patients with a sterile environment and the latest technology devices. Contact us for more information. esteGrande Instagram

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