Do Some Hair Loss Drugs Increase Suicide Risks?

Do Some Hair Loss Drugs Increase Suicide Risks? Hair loss is a problem that you can find all over the world both for men and women. Our hair frames our face, and it is very important for our appearance. People who experience hair loss look for solutions that they could do at home or try to get help professionally. The more common the problem of hair loss, the more solutions it has. Of course, as with all medicines, some medicines have problems that they bring with them while solving the problem. We call these minor problems side effects.

When it comes to suicide, of course, we cannot call it as a minor problem. In recent studies, scientists have found that some of the anti-hair loss medicines can also have side effects on our psychology. So do these medications have big side effects like suicide? The short answer is no. We cannot say that the drugs that we use to treat hair loss have such an effect directly.

Then What Do They Do?

 In studies conducted, approximately ten thousand men who experience male pattern hair loss used various anti-hair loss medications for eighteen months. Most of the men who used the drug during the first eighteen months had symptoms of mild depression. However, in the next eighteen months, these effects were reduced by twenty-two per cent. The research team stated that the major psychological side effects in patients are very low.

This research showed that anti-hair loss medications do not increase the risk of suicide in any way. Nevertheless, it can increase the risk of mild depression in the first months. This means that anti-hair loss medications are quite safe, if not completely.

What Can You Do?

If you suffer from hair loss and want to get your old voluminous, thick hair back, the first thing you should do is to find an experienced doctor. Your doctor will provide you with the best treatment compatible with your condition and will definitely describe possible side effects.

Despite all this, if you want to completely eliminate the problem of hair loss and get your old voluminous hair back permanently, you can try the hair transplant operation. Hair transplant operation is the only method that provides the best and satisfying results. This process includes extracting healthy hair follicles from one side of your scalp and planting them into the balding areas. If you undergo the hair transplant operation, you will be getting the end results in about six to ten months. Besides being a very easy and fast method, an experienced doctor and a good team should perform a hair transplant operation. If you have any further questions about this operation, or if you already want to undergo the hair transplant, do not hesitate to contact us. esteGrande Instagram

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