Does Drinking Water Help Hair Growth

Does drinking water help hair growth. Just like plants need water to grow and flourish, so does our hair. Research shows that two to three litres of water, or eight glasses a day, is necessary for an ideally functioning body. Many of the vitamins and minerals we need to survive are water-soluble structures. Water acts as a catalyst in many chemical reactions our body makes.

Does Drinking Water Help Hair Growth

Apart from its effects on hair, drinking sufficient amounts of water regularly also greatly helps with your skin appearance. Not only that, it helps with digestion of food too, so you may avoid feeling bloated with healthy water intake. To sum up, drinking sufficient amount of water aids virtually every system in our body.

Benefits of Drinking Water on Hair

From its roots to the tip, each part of the hair gets benefits from drinking enough water. You get to avoid those split ends and rough texture. Also, your scalp gets its share from this extra hydration too. So your scalp will be less likely to feel itchy and dry or develop dandruff. 

We lose water through the day naturally, whether it be with every breath we take and with every drop of our sweat. On average, we lose at least one to two litres of water a day every day. Especially when going through intense physical activity, such as exercising, we lose a significant amount of water. So we should regularly make up for the losses we make every day.

  • Hair is one-fourth water in weight. 
  • Our body is made up of 60 per cent of water. 

Even if you take loads of vitamins and vitamin supplements every day, it will not help sufficiently without the right amount of hydration. Unless you do drink sufficient amounts of water, your body will not have enough water to dissolve these micronutrients. You will gain significantly less benefit from supplementation.

Not drinking enough water can even stop the process of hair growth. Extremely dry hair can result in the disruption of natural hair growth cycles. 

What Happens If You Do Not Drink Enough Water

If you don’t meet the minimum amount of hydration that your hair needs, your hair will become brittle at some point. Slowly but surely, your hair will become dry, and the texture will be rough. They may even cease to grow at the rate of your genetic potential. Your hair gets hydration solely from their roots in the scalp. With a good supply of water, they boost their hair production rate.

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