Does Excessive Dieting Lead To Hair Loss?

Does Excessive Dieting Lead To Hair Loss? Are you suffering from hair loss? Well, there can be many issues that can contribute to hair fall and hair thinning, such as stress, genetics, age, certain medical conditions, etc.

Does Excessive Dieting Lead To Hair Loss?

But have you ever thought that dieting and poor nutrition might be a reason you’re facing hair loss? Yes, it is a good thing that you are losing weight and taking care of your health, but you should not do it at the cost of your hair.

Did you know that emotional and physical stress from weight loss can cause more hair to go in resting mode and eventually fall out when new hairs grow? To stop your falling during the dieting, you must know what causes hair loss.

So, here’s how losing weight can result in hair loss.


Hair grows in a cycle. It occurs as follows:

  1. Active growth stage
  2. Inactive growth stage
  3. Stage of hair falling out

When people start dieting and lose weight, they put a lot of stress on their bodies. It speeds up the hair growth cycle, which further causes the hair to fall out more quickly.

This will usually happen for the first three to six months of weight loss. After that, there are some chances that your body may adjust, and your hair growth cycle may go back to normal.  

If you want to avoid this problem, you should focus on losing weight slowly. Experts recommend losing only 1% of your body weight per week, as it is the safest way to shed weight. 

Lack of Nutrients

While losing weight, your diet heavily restricts certain kinds of foods, which can result in nutritional deficiencies in the body, causing the loss and thinning of hair.

However, the deficiency of certain nutrients can cause permanent hair loss problems, unlike the temporary disruption of the growth cycle.

So, make sure you take a good amount of needed nutrients during your dieting phase. Intake enough healthy fats and proteins so you can get sufficient vitamin B12, iron, zinc, and biotin.  

Additionally, if you have taken the method of bariatric surgery for weight loss, you should be extra careful with your diet. Make sure you intake enough vitamins and proteins recommended by your doctor.  

Tips To Prevent Hair Loss

There are a number of things that can be useful for you to prevent hair loss, such as:

  • Avoid diets that restrict your calories intake
  • Eat a sufficient amount of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains
  • Eat a satisfactory amount of healthy proteins to enhance the production of amino acids, which is a must for keratin production
  • Get ample sleep.

After following these simple recommendations, you will have significant progress in your hair.


Dieting is only one reason that can lead to hair loss. So, regardless of the reason why you’re losing your hair, you should always take the method of hair transplant surgeries. These modern techniques do a great job of regrowing your hair back, making them appear fuller and thicker.  

With our skilled and experienced medical professional, you are sure to the best and top-notch services of hair transplant treatment. So, stop worrying about losing and thinning of your hair and get in touch with us right away for any of your hair-related issues.   

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