Does Shaving Head Help with Hair Growth?

Does Shaving Head Help with Hair Growth? There are many hair growth misconceptions that the average person still holds to this day. 

One of the most unscientific assumptions about hair growth is whether shaving the head helps with hair growth.

Please read on to find out if that is actually true.

Hair, Hair Follicles, and Hair Growth

First of all, let’s get something out of the way: The hair you can touch on your head is not really alive. Rather, they are what grows out of an underlying cellular structure known as “hair follicle.” 

The hair grows out of the hair follicle. From one hair follicle can grow one, two, three, and up to four hair strands. Each hair follicle, regardless of how many hairs grow out of it, is known as a “follicular unit.” 

With that in mind, you should know that the follicular unit itself has no idea about what exactly is going on with its hairs. Even after plucking the hair, the follicular unit just keeps growing them out, as simple as that. 

If plucking does happen, it is rather unlikely that the follicular unit goes away together with the hair at the time of plucking; it can happen, but it is rare.

The only thing that could prevent hair from growing out anymore is if the follicular unit is somehow damaged or hormonally affected. Damages to the scalp can reach the follicular unit and destroy it entirely, meaning no more hair will grow from the area anymore. 

Burns and deep cuts are some notable occurrences that might damage the hair follicle if they reach the scalp. Likewise, hormones also play an important part in the discontinued growth of the hair.

So Does Shaving Head Help with Hair Growth? 

So if the hair follicle, responsible for the actual hair growth, does not know what happens to the hair, then does shaving head help with hair growth?

Not one bit, of course. 

Shaving the hair does nothing to stimulate the growth of the hair at all. Cutting the hair close to the scalp level will only make its growth more noticeable to you if indeed it keeps growing. If you happen to be balding, shaving the head does not reverse that at all. 

Now, shaving the head as a way to embrace baldness is a bold choice.

Hair Transplant, the Definitive Answer

You can also opt for the hair transplant option. A follicular unit excision (FUE) hair transplant extracts healthy follicular units from the base of the scalp’s back. The surgeon then grafts those units into the balding area through microscopic incisions.

By arranging the grafted hair following your hair’s natural growth pattern, the results end up being very natural-looking. FUE hair transplant is, without a doubt, the definitive solution for hair growth.

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