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We as esteGrande take great pride in being amongst the leading presences in Hair Transplantation, Plastic Surgery, Cosmetic Dentistry, and Laser Eye treatments. Our specific focus on safety, high quality of service, no-risk procedures, transparent communication, and merging the best techniques with the latest technology is what fosters our success and motivates us to grow even more proficient with time is our commitment to excellence and the wellbeing of our patients. As our values continue to uplift us, we aim to create aesthetic positivity and a convivial atmosphere.

Through acknowledging these needs and carefully assessing the balance between a wide range of services and maintaining high quality, esteGrande was formed in order to provide immensely high-quality hair transplants, beard transplants, eyebrow transplants, liposuction, laser eye surgery, gynecomastia, face & body lift, rhinoplasty, cosmetic dentistry, abdominoplasty, and many more services and treatment, including Stem Cell Hair Therapy and PRP. We take great pride in not only being problem-solvers but personalized solution seekers for all of our patients.

esteGrande team welcomes all patients who wish to benefit from our treatments and hair loss solutions to Istanbul. We are proud to have served tens of thousands with meticulous care and long to joyfully greet even more patients from around the globe.




Transparent Communication

Excellence in care, before, during, and after every procedure we provide

Providing the best care at the most reasonable price-point

Expertise, knowledgeability, and impeccable hygiene every step of the way

Building trust through a personalised approach to medical aesthetic needs

Service with a smile

Thorough and detailed aftercare
Merging new technology with years of experience


No matter the questions or concerns you may have, an esteGrande representative will always be there to happily provide you with the answers you need with great sincerity and detailed knowledge on the topic. We train each of our medical consultants to ensure they can always provide you with next-level knowledge on any and all topics within our portfolio of services, because we care about you, not only as a patient, but as an individual with unique needs.


In esteGrande you can find procedures not only for hair transplant but also the beard, moustache, eyebrow and eyelash transplant. Our centre offers various methods for these operations including, DHI, Sapphire FUE, Ice FUE. Today, FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is the most favourable technique in hair transplantation. FUT (Follicular Unit Transfer) technique became outdated with the spread of the FUE technique. With the FUE method, we achieve a high rate of hair graft collection in a very short time. As esteGrande we offer a modern, comfortable and painless way to our patients.

As Turkey’s best hair transplant centre in Istanbul, we usually prefer FUE and more advanced methods during a hair transplant. We recommend that the transplant surgery under the supervision of experienced doctors and in a hospital environment. You can find capable hands and experienced crew in esteGrande Hair Transplant Center.


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