Designing Your Hairline: Planning Hair Transplant Surgery, Hair transplant is an essential operation that requires knowledge and experience. The most crucial factor that determines the success and naturalness of hair transplant result is hairline design. The hairline and density of the hair should match the shape of the face. The correct determination of this line is only possible with aesthetic knowledge. Therefore, the hairline design should be under the supervision of specialist surgeons.

Designing Your Hairline: Planning Hair Transplant Surgery

Since hairline affects the aesthetic appearance remarkably, designing it is an important procedure in hair transplant operations. Before the front line design, a detailed analysis is necessary to achieve the desired results. There should be a consensus between the patient and the surgeon for better results. Forehead hair transplant design consists of three elements: front hairline height, angle, and separation line.

The success of hair transplant operations for aesthetic purposes is directly proportional to the naturalness of transplant. The main factors that determine the naturalness of the hair transplant are the appearance of the forehead hairline as well as the density of the transplanted hair.

Determination of hairline differs according to the characteristics of the hair and the face. Since there are different head and face shapes, a standard measurement technique cannot be applied. For this reason, the dimensions used in the design of the front hairline should be custom-made. Apart from the anatomical head structure of the person, personal characteristics, such as age and facial structure, affect the design of anterior hairline.

It is advantageous to remove the hair follicles for the anterior forehead line by micromotor FUE technique. Approximately 0.7–0.8 mm thick grafts are good to achieve a more natural-looking hair transplant result.

How to Adjust the Hairline

Only hair follicles in the anterior region of the head should be in a 2 cm wide area just behind the front hairline. This area should have two or three strands on each hair follicle. In the anterior hairline region, grafts with a single hair root should be appropriate. While determining the hairline, the doctors observe the following:

  • The hairline should never have a straight shape.
  • Fine hair roots should be used to obtain a smooth transition.
  • When determining the forehead line, you should look straight ahead.
  • Before the end of the line ends, the line should be checked from above and sides to see if the symmetry is properly present.
  • In women, the front hairline is more oval and round and sometimes flat.

The golden ratio concept is the harmony between the limbs of the body. For example, every person has a proportion based on a specific mathematical calculation between the nose and mouth, mouth and chin, or chin and forehead. The closest ratio to the concept of beauty and aesthetics is the golden ratio. When determining the front hairline, the golden ratio is used to ensure the best and most aesthetic fit for the person’s facial structure.

At esteGrande, we consider the golden ratio to design the hairline. Contact us to get more detailed information about the process. Satisfying and natural results are waiting for you here at esteGrande.

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