FAQ About Hair Transplant

Frequently Asked Questions About the Hair Transplant

What procedures do you provide?

We provide almost any procedure for problems related to hair loss. If you are suffering from hair loss, we offer Ice FUE, DHI and unshaven hair transplant. If you do not like the shape of your eyebrow and eyelash, we have transplant procedures for both of them. Do not worry if you do not have moustache or beard as we offer transplant operation for them. Even if you are women with afro hair experiencing hair loss, we have services that will make you more than satisfied.

Which methods are used for hair transplantation?

We have various methods for hair transplantation such as FUE, DHI and unshaven hair transplant. We also offer Ice FUE and Sapphire FUE to our clients for a more premium operation.

Do you have services for women patients?

Women hair loss is becoming a huge problem all over the world. We offer female hair transplant for those who lost their hair due to various reasons. Furthermore, we have eyebrow and eyelash transplant services with recently developed treatment techniques.

When can I cut or shave my hair after the hair transplant procedure?

In most of the cases, you can give shape to your hair after three weeks. However, it is not possible for you to shave your hair completely until the sixth month of the recovery period.

What should I do to undergo a hair transplant operation at your clinic?

We offer free operation planning service. You can call or send us an email to book this service. After having detailed information, we invite you to our place to discuss the details of the operation. You can decide on the technique and the shape of your hair with our hair specialists.

How long should I wait between two hair transplant operations?

The ideal period between two hair transplant operations is at least 12 months. However, in some exceptional cases, doctors may prefer doing it after six months.

How much does it cost?

It is not easy to give an exact number for the cost of hair transplant. While determining the price, the graft number, the operation technique and the characteristics of your hair type are essential. Therefore, we recommend you to consult our centre by calling or via email.

How noticeable will the scarring be?

With the advanced methods and improved techniques, at the end of the operation, there will be no scarring at all. FUE technique minimized the scarring and noticeable postoperative complications. Besides, thanks unshaven hair transplant, even you cannot notice the scar between your hair strands.

How long before signs of growth are visible?

After a month, you will see your new hair coming out of your scalp. However, you will experience a shock hair loss and lose all of your hair. This is a quite normal process for all the patients. At the end of the third month, your new hair will grow again.

Will the results be permanent?

Approximately 90% of patients have successful results. Usually, you will not experience hair loss again after the operation. However, due to various reasons, you may lose your hair again. You can have a second hair transplant in such cases.

When will I need the next hair transplant?

As this is a vast sector with lots of illegal clinics, you may experience a bad result as a consequence of the inexperienced team and unprofessional clinic. Therefore, you may need a second hair transplant. There are three reasons to have a second hair transplant; improper hair renewal procedures, hair transplant which requires more grafts than usual, operations performed while the hair loss continues.

Are hair transplantation operations painful?

The improved techniques in the medical field allow us to perform a completely painless operation. You will be under local anaesthesia during the procedure. You will not feel any pain or feeling. However, after the operation, you may feel a slight pain for approximately three days. Any painkiller will relieve your pain.

How long will I need to rest?

You should rest at least one week after the operation as the new follicles cannot hold on to the scalp completely. You should avoid hard workouts or sudden moves at least for three weeks.

Will I lose more hair because of the surgery in the area?

We usually take the grafts from the neck or chest area. Therefore, the surgery does not cause hair loss.

What is your location and working hours?

Our location is in Istanbul, Turkey. You can contact us whenever you want for detailed information.

How Should I Wash My Hair After a Hair Transplant Surgery?

Three days after the operation, you should do your first wash. This is a process to smoothen the skin and soften the shells. You can buy a special lotion for this procedure. Pour the lotion on your head slowly. Then wait for 30 minutes and wash your hair delicately with warm water. You should repeat it for one month.

Does the transplanted hair fall out?

Human loses 50-100 hair strands every day. Therefore, this perfectly normal cycle will continue after the operation. However, the new follicles will be more healthy and robust than the previous ones. Consequently, it is unlikely to experience severe hair loss.

How long does the transplanted hair last?

There is a slight possibility of hair loss after the hair transplant operation. However, you may experience hair loss with ageing or other reasons. Except for that, your hair will last for a long time.

Is there a recommended age to have a hair transplant?

There is not a specific age limit for hair transplant. However, the operations in earlier age give better results.

When can I return to work after the hair transplant procedure?

After the procedure, you can return to your work after two or three days, depending on your wellness.

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