Breast Reconstruction, After getting a mastectomy due to breast cancer, a woman may choose to get reconstructive surgery to restore and reshape their appearance. You might have undergone or about to undergo mastectomy (surgical excision of breast tissue and sometimes fat and skin tissue too). Mastectomy is necessary when you get a breast cancer diagnosis or have a high risk of developing breast cancer. 

Breast Reconstruction

Usually, people undergo breast reconstruction when or right after getting a mastectomy. Though, breast reconstruction is possible even years after getting a mastectomy. In order to restore natural-looking breast shape, surgeons use implants to alter the shape of the breasts. Sometimes we also utilise tissue from other places of the body too.

Often, as patients get radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy alongside mastectomy, they are not eligible for immediate reconstruction. So patients opt for delayed breast reconstruction.

Getting a breast cancer diagnosis might be a scary experience, regardless of your background. It can be an emotionally draining experience. In order to make a good decision about breast reconstructions, feel free to contact our team to learn more about your experiences. Our team will provide you with all the information you need to move forward with a decision.

Different Types Of Breast Reconstruction

We have many different options when doing breast reconstruction. There are two main methods:

  • Implants: Our doctors use silicone or saline implants to increase the size of the breast (or both breasts in double mastectomy).
  • Autologous transference: Autologous reconstruction involves grafting tissue from the patient’s own body. Common donor areas include back, belly or thighs. The doctor may also implement an implant alongside autologous reconstruction.

Implants come in waterdrop and round shapes. Both types have certain characteristics, our team will guide you through them upon your contact. 

What About Reconstruction After Lumpectomy?

In a lumpectomy procedure, surgeons take away early-stage cancerous breast tissue. After getting lumpectomy, patients often have a bulging or a denting portion in their breasts around the operation area. However, in some cases, the position of the operated breast may alter too.

Each patient goes through a different lumpectomy treatment. That’s why there is no single treatment plan applying to everyone. Instead, we have many different options. We pick a plan according to the extent and place of lumpectomy you went through. We also get your opinion to understand your goals and the cosmetic concerns you have.

Immediate (Without delay) Breast Reconstruction

In this type of breast reconstruction, you get your reconstruction while getting a mastectomy or lumpectomy. Some people think that getting reconstruction immediately helps them recover from the psychological effects of the operation faster.

With this method, you will have fewer operations in total, which means you will have to undergo fewer anaesthesia administrations. Also, this kind of reconstruction might mean getting less impact around the breast or breasts getting operated. 

In contrast, when you get an immediate reconstruction, you might not get as much time to make a decision. Furthermore, if you have to take more radiotherapy after the operation, it might affect the reconstruction negatively. Similarly, in case you need extra care after the operation, chemotherapy treatments in progress might need a delay.

Delayed Breast Reconstruction

While some deduce that they will do better with a reconstruction right away after the mastectomy, some think differently. Some women choose to get done with their cancer treatment altogether before getting breast reconstruction.

This way, the patient gets much more time to consider their options, consult different specialists and make up their mind. Also, since their breast cancer treatment is over, there is no chance of the treatment interfering with the reconstruction process.

On the flip side, you will spend some time without breast tissue though this has a somewhat functional solution. There are breast prosthetics that you can wear under clothing. Also, since you will be getting two operations this way, you may get a slightly bigger operation cicatrix.

Final Notes On Breast Reconstruction

It is possible to undergo a breast reconstruction even if you had muscle removed alongside breast tissue (radical mastectomy). Same applies for radiotherapy patients too, but it requires extra precautions. And large size breasts do not hinder us from operating as well.

However, in case you want to learn more about breast reconstruction operations, including the procedure and prices, you can get in touch with us. Here, at esteGrande, our experts help our customers with the first-class treatment and hospitality. esteGrande Instagram


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