Eyebrow lift – forehead lift, Eyebrows are a vital component of the configuration of your facial expression. Thus, they are key to how you other people perceive you. You can try it right now, look in a mirror putting a relaxed, a frowning, and a surprised face. The expression, along with the lines in place by ageing, will impact others’ perception of you.

The effects of ageing and certain facial habits will take a toll on the appearance of your brow and forehead over the years. A cosmetic procedure is known as an eyebrow lift – forehead lift is available to smooth over the unattractive lines that result from it.

An eyebrow lift is a procedure that refreshes the appearance of the zone over the eyes. This encompasses the eyebrows and the forehead. Also a forehead lift, the procedure involves incisions and manipulation of muscles beneath.

Cosmetic refreshment is the reason why eyebrow lift and forehead lifts get chosen. The surgery will leave a notable change on the patient, denoting a much more youthful look.

Furthermore, this operation not only gets rid of marks and furrows on the forehead that are permanent thanks to ageing. It will also do away with the scowling lines created by frowning of the eyebrows, relaxing your looks.

Types of Eyebrow Lift – Forehead Lift

The technique involved defines the different types of eyebrow lift – forehead lift. The choice of the method itself is up to your surgeon. After a physical evaluation and analyzing your expectations, he will suggest an option. There are three different techniques most often employed:

  1. Coronal Brow Lift: Also known as an ear-to-ear brow lift. The procedure starts with a large incision behind your hairline that goes from one ear to the other. From the incision, your surgeon will then pull your forehead into its new, higher position. When pulling, the two sides of your scalp separated by the incision will run over one another. Your surgeon will remove the overlaying parts of the scalp.Then sew the incision to finish the surgery. A coronal brow lift is not recommended for people with receding hairlines or balding due to its detracting even more from their hair situation.
  2. Endoscopic Brow Lift: Uses an endoscope, a slim tube with a camera attached to its end by making several incisions behind the patient’s hairline. The surgeon will insert the endoscope and check the muscles beneath the forehead. Through the other incisions, they will then use a set of small instruments to lift the muscles. Then proceed to fix the muscles into place using tiny screws or sutures. Stitches or surgical staples close every incision once concluded the surgery.
  3. Hairline Brow Lift: Your surgeon will perform it by making an incision reaching from the top of the forehead and the start of the hairline. Selected portions of skin will then be removed from the area at the top of your forehead. The incision is then sutured to finalize the procedure. A hairline brow lift is a go – to choice for patients with hairlines that are high receding. Because it doesn’t involve pulling it, it won’t detract from their hair situation.

Eyebrow Lift – Forehead Lift: The Procedure

As a patient, you may opt to have an eyebrow procedure if your brow is low-lying, looks asymmetrical, or it’s droopy due to excessive skin hanging. Looking for an overall refreshment of the forehead by eliminating the expression line is also a valid reason.

The procedure will through a large cut open up the skin enabling manipulation of it and the tissue underneath. Your surgeon will then pull it, tighten it, or ‘fasten’ it as they deem most fitting. The result will be a smoother forehead, clearing most of the frown lines, and higher – level eyebrows.

The procedure is often combined with other face related surgeries. Because of this, it is common to see it packaged with eyelid surgery or a complete facelift procedure. However, the decision is up to your choice and your doctor’ s suggestions.

Eyebrow Lift – Forehead Lift: Aftercare

After the operation, bruising-like swelling will appear. Thus making your eyebrows look asymmetrical but will subside after 2 weeks’ time. At that point, we use cold compresses for them. Finally, avoid straining the areas with stitches, since they’ ll be sensitive for 10 days after.

Our Eyebrow Lift – Forehead Lift Procedures

Due to the low costs that Turkey can afford, our eyebrow lift – forehead lift procedures are quite affordable. However, the level of service is also as high as those of surgeons abroad with even more experience. Our clinic offers the latest in equipment to please all of our patient’s expectations. We spare no effort in bringing you the comfort necessary to undergo a surgical procedure. These reasons make our procedures renowned in the industry. esteGrande Instagram


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