Facelift, After all changes in life, people who have reached a certain age want to look younger. As one gets older, the skin loses firmness and elasticity. Particularly, irregularities on the skin around the chin line make people look older. Therefore, facelift surgery became popular and highly demanded. Pitting and wrinkles under the eye, jawline and the chin are the target areas of facelift surgery.

Facelift surgery is the process of moving the soft tissues hanging down on the face, due to the effects of gravity, to the required position. The goal of facelift surgery is to give the face a more dynamic, energetic and younger look. 

This operation creates the most significant change among all aesthetic surgeries. If you look older in the mirror than you feel and want to give yourself a big gift, facelift surgery is the right option for you.

Men and women with wrinkles and sagging problems in the face and could be eligible candidates. Facelift surgery is usually applied to people over 40 years old. However, in some cases, younger people may benefit from this surgery.

Doctors use several different methods for a facelift. Patient’s health status, age, gender, facial ageing, skin condition and the structure of the facial bones play an essential role in the choice of the method. Besides, according to the degree of ageing and sagging, the width of the surgery can vary.

Process of Facelift

If we simply describe our procedure during facelift surgery, it is a process that includes three different stages:

  1. We correct the sagging on the face and place abundant fat to the right position.
  2. We suspend the soft tissue containing the facial muscles that sag on the face with special sutures. 
  3. Then, we remove the excess part of the skin. Thus, the abundance of skin on the cheek and chin area is eliminated.

You will be under general anaesthesia during the surgery. Usually, the operation time can vary between 4 and 7 hours. Don’t let this duration come to you and scare you. If you want a permanent and long-lasting facelift, you should know that this is possible with an intensive operation.

Before Facelift Surgery

We have some advice for you before the facelift surgery to ensure comfortable operation and healing period.

  • You should not take aspirin, vitamin E supplements before the surgery.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol for at least three weeks before the surgery as they might have an adverse effect on the body.
  • Drinking herbal tea may negatively affect blood circulation.
  • We recommend you dye your hair one week before the surgery as you cannot dye for a month after the procedure.
  • Keeping the hair long helps to hide stitches.

You will have fantastic results if you follow these recommendations carefully.

After Facelift Surgery

Generally, we use special stitches and sutures to minimize traces. The trace is invisible as the top, and the bottom parts are behind ears. There are some considerations after facelift operation.

  • You should make gentle moves while combing hair or having makeup.
  • Avoid heavy exercises, including sexual intercourse and heavy housework for at least two weeks. 
  • We recommend you stop drinking alcohol and swimming for several months.
  • Postoperative ice application accelerates the healing process. 

One day after the operation, we place a drain behind the ear to prevent the collection of fluids in the area. You can leave the hospital on the second day and have a bath two days after surgery. On the 10th day, the removal of special stitches takes place.

The Risks of Facelift

As in all surgical operation, facelift has slight risks you may experience after the procedure.

  • Since we perform surgery in a non-bleeding environment with special medications that we inject into the region, you will have a comfortable operation. In addition, the fine drain we place in this area reduces this risk. 
  • Although the risk of infection is very low, we use preventive antibiotic medication that reduces this risk. 

These are rare complications that we do not observe in most of the cases. However, our surgeons will inform you about any potential risks and how to avoid them. Plus, if you follow the suggestions of him, you will have a comfortable healing period. esteGrande Instagram


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