Fat Injection, Youth is the only thing humankind has been looking for throughout history. Every day, technology and science come together only to find a solution to ageing. Thanks to the scientists, we are at a better point today. Fat injection is one of these solutions that we have found. It is mostly used to recontour the face; diminish frown lines, crow’s feet and smile lines. 

This procedure also provides definition to areas like the cheeks and chin. Fat injection can also be used to fill scarred areas on any part of the body. This procedure is not permanent, and it may require maintenance. 

What is Fat Injection? 

The fat injection has three-stage process; harvesting, purification and transfer, finally placement. This procedure might take a couple of hours and needs to be done by a professional in a hygienic, well-equipped hospital. 


You need to decide an area on your body for fat removal. People usually choose thighs; belly or love handles for fat removal. After your decision, our doctor makes an incision on a small area with a scalp and inserts a tube connected to the syringe. Then he extracts small amounts of fat. 

2.Purification and Transfer

Once your doctor removes the fat from the unwanted area, he needs to purify it using a special device. They spin the fat cells with a centrifuge or filtrate it to separate unwanted body fluids such as blood. After the purifying process, the surgeon puts the fat cells into small syringes to make injections. 


After the area is prepared to make an injection, the doctor passes the injection needle in and out on your skin. This process is completely pain-free. Each time the needle goes in, a line of fat cells are placed to the wanted area. The doctor repeats this process until he gets the results you want. 

Some surgeons prefer massaging after each injection to contour the fat cells while others do not do it and rely on their technique. They may also inject more fat than you wanted since your body will absorb some of the fat through time. For a more prolonged effect, patients generally go through this process three or four times over six months.

Benefits of Fat Injection

First and best of all, it is non-allergenic. Dermal fillers might cause allergic reactions on the skin, which will make the area look worse than ever. Since the injected material is all-natural and belongs to your own body, you will not react to your own cells that way. 

There is minimal discomfort in fat injection. It is not a surgical procedure which makes the risk rate low. You will be under local anaesthesia during the process, so, you will not be feeling any pain at all. Another benefit of fat injection is that you will not need any pre-testing. On top of that, this procedure also costs less compared to other procedures such as lipoplasty

It depends on the patient how long will it last. This process requires repetitions. Insignificant swelling and bruising can be seen on the patient mostly on first forty-eight hours, but they are not permanent. Also, it would help if you stayed away from sunlight for a while after the fat injection. 

You cannot get fat injections for every part of your body because some areas are not appropriate. Temporary scars might occur due to the harvesting process, but they will not last long. The fat injection process is one of the most natural processes that you can go under.

Preparation to Fat Injection Operation

After you get clear about what you want from your doctor and make an appointment, there will be some things that you need to do. You need to stop smoking six weeks before the procedure and avoid scarring. You should also avoid medications which increase bleeding, such as aspirin. When the procedure is finished, you will be taken into a recovery area where you will rest and monitored until your doctor decides that you can leave. 

It is best to bring someone along with you to the hospital to stay with you at least the first twenty-four hours. The areas which the fat was transferred to will probably feel softer and fuller, giving you a refreshed appearance. You might even notice an improvement on the skin texture. esteGrande Instagram


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