Liposuction ( Fat Transfer ), Do you have unwanted fat on your thighs and tummy but you want a more voluminous face? We have a solution to your problem; it is called liposuction (fat graft) or lipomodelling. The aim of liposuction is to remove unwanted fat from an area of the body and use it to increase the size of another area. Every year, thousands of people undergo successful fat grafting and are happy with the results.

Liposuction ( Fat Transfer )

The doctors are using another form of fat grafting, called lipofilling for a couple of years. They were using lipofilling to fix minor differences in the shape, balance or position of the breast. Since this has worked well for years, they started to rebuild other parts of the body using fat grafting. Ever since surgeons started to use it, liposuction is a very successful and easy way to get younger.

When to Consider a Fat Transfer?

There might be some parts of your body that lack of volume, those are the parts that you might try fat grafting on. This procedure provides more natural-looking results.

If you have facial areas that appear creased such as smile lines or crow’s feet, you might choose to go under fat grafting. They are great alternatives for you instead of temporary fillers. To revise scars, improve body contour, fill bodily depressions and rejuvenate your face, fat grafting will work for you.

Many people go under this procedure to increase their breast size, but your breasts should have a nice shape. If you want to correct the shape of your breasts and feel natural, you might try breast transplant and fat grafting at the same time. 

Most of the patients who went under fat grafting on their breasts claim that they have a more natural feeling much like unreconstructed breasts.

How do Doctors do Liposuction?

Our surgeon carries out fat grafting under general anaesthetic or local anaesthetic depending on the area or the patient. Since it is a surgical operation, it should be done in a well-equipped hospital or a clinic. At esteGrande, you will be in safe hands. However, during the process, there are three stages.

First, the doctor removes the fat. The surgeon makes little incisions on the skin and uses a thin tube to suck out small amounts of fat. Then he closes the incisions with the stitches.

Secondly, the surgeon and his team use special equipment to spin the fat, separating it from blood or any other fluids. The last stage of the procedure is injecting the fat back to the wanted area. A needle is used to inject small amounts of fat. To make injections on the skin, there are no stitches needed.

The amount of fat the doctor could take from you depends on your weight and height. If you want a large area to get treated, you may need more than one session. This procedure also takes a couple of hours, the doctor may ask you to stay at the hospital that night, or he might let you go home after the surgery. 

On the other hand, fat graft surgery is not painful since it is carried out under anaesthesia. You will be given painkillers by your doctor if you need them.

It can take six months to get the results, as some of the injected fat might be absorbed back by your body through the months.

Is Liposuction safe?

A surgical Liposuction (fat transfer) is a safe procedure since you’ll be under anaesthesia. However, you may expect insignificant bruising and swelling. You may also experience temporary numbness on the area. There is a possibility that you might lose some of the injected fat during the first few months. That is why, in the beginning, your doctor might inject more fat than you asked for.

Besides all of that, while operating the fat grafting procedure, our doctor uses your own tissue instead of an implant which is a big advantage. Your body might give an allergic reaction to dermal fillers, but when it comes to your own fat, there will be no reaction. 

With this operation, you will also get rid of the fat that you do not want. If you follow our doctor’s instructions, there will be no problem in the liposuction process. You will get the body you like. esteGrande Instagram


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