Moustache transplant, Moustache shape significantly changes the appearance of men. While some women feel better by changing their hair colour or pattern, men can make some changes in themselves by leaving a beard or a moustache. When we look at it from this point of view, the moustache is an important part of the face for men. 

Moustache transplant 

Because of the genetic structure, some men may not have any hair above their upper lips. On the other hand, there might be a loss of moustache due to various reasons. Some of them are Loss Ringworm disease, moustache sores, moustache habit (Frequent repetition of movements) and Psoriasis (a disease that damages moustache and beard roots). For these reasons, scientist came up with a moustache transplant.

Generally, 24 years and older men who complain about the shape and density of their moustache prefer moustache transplant. Moustache transplantation treatment is to process of planting hair follicles to the upper lip area. In this process, the FUE method is the best option to perform surgery. With this method, hair surgeons apply local anaesthesia and painless microsurgery. The operation usually lasts for 2-3 hours. You won’t feel any pain during the operation.

With FUE, doctors can transplant the hair follicles

Smoothly into the skin layer of the patient. The best advantage of this operation is that the patient can decide the amount of the hair. The operation continues with micro motor tools that can plant up to 0.7 mm. If there are sparse areas about 4 months after the first transplant, a new operation is possible. Since this planting is quite difficult and requires fineness, you should consult an expert on hair surgery. Otherwise, the transplant may give negative results.

Moustache transplantation is similar to hair transplantation. However, moustache transplant is a more delicate process as the target place is the face. Therefore, certain scars and rashes may affect the look significantly. Doctors can use different donor areas to collect hair follicles for the operation.

Before and during the process

The first step of moustache transplant should be the selection of centre and planning the operation. This is a micro-surgical procedure, and experienced doctors should perform this in a hospital setting. You should pay attention to this issue when finding a place to transplant moustache. 

After finding the right clinic, you should plan the operation with your doctor. During this process, you will decide everything from donor place to the technique. Therefore, it is useful to be consistent by taking the advice of your specialist.

The doctor’s recommendations are crucial, and your expectations should be reasonable and consistent. Find the healthiest and easiest way to perform transplantation. Planting method is an important step for this type of surgical operations. Today, the FUE method is the best option for hair and moustache transplantations, which has no trace and less damage.

Moustache Transplant Operation Day 

There are some steps to remember on the operation day that will make you comfortable and lead you to successful results.

  • Choose easy-to-wear clothes that will not rub against your face on the day of the operation.
  • Smoking and drinking alcohol are highly dangerous because it complicates the operation and healing process.
  • Eat light foods and go to the hospital as soon as you feel full.
  • If you are taking regular medication, you should inform your doctor before the operation. 
  • If you already have a moustache, you should not cut it yourself. Doctors will decide whether to trim or not.
  • We also do not recommend caffeinated drinks. 

How does the operation process?

In order to prevent pain, doctors apply local anaesthesia only to the upper lip region before the operation. The donor site is usually the neck region. However, arm and leg hairs are also suitable for the transplant. Therefore donor site may vary. 

Doctors collect the hair follicles one by one with the help of the FUE method and micromotor. They collect approximately between 300 and 500 hair follicles depending on the sparseness of moustache area. Lastly, they place the follicles in the channels that they opened earlier. The donor area remains bandaged for 3 days while the sowing area is left open. During this period, the cultivated area is not washed for 3 days.

The recovery period after operation is 10 days most of the time.

During this time, the hair roots first crust. These crusts begin to shed slowly with the first wash on the 3rd day, and the hair follicles heal.

A second operation can be necessary after about 8 to 9 months. You can shorten moustache hairs with scissors after approximately 15 days. Shedding may begin after 2-3 weeks after the operation. After the shock hair loss, which is not the case for everyone, moustache hair grows again in the middle of the fourth month and starts to grow at the normal hair growth rate after the sixth month of the operation. The roots begin to hold in place and continue to grow at a normal pace.

Clinics may suggest the methods of nourishing and strengthening the hair follicles such as PRP, mesotherapy, hyperbaric oxygen treatment or hair vaccine as moustache regeneration methods in order to make the moustache grow rapidly after the moustache transplantation.

Moustache transplant Turkey

Moustache is a strong symbol in Turkish society. It gives various messages to the other person besides visuality. It also has features such as expressing political thought by giving various forms or sending messages. 

Even if you shave your moustache, it contributes to the masculine expression thanks to the darker colour of the roots under the skin. Some men never have a moustache, and some have lost it due to various reasons. 

Turkey has professional clinics and experienced doctors in the field of moustache transplantation as well as hair transplantation. Like hair plant, you can get a quality of service for a good price. Turkey is one of the countries that most of the europe prefers for aesthetical surgeries. Moustache transplant is one of these processes. Clinics offer moustache transplant for a very long time. Therefore, we guarantee that you will get a comfortable operation and better results than anywhere else. You can have a moustache transplant and retrieve your manly look.

Moustache transplant costs 

The price of moustache cultivation varies according to the deficiency and the frequency of the person, but the prices are reasonable. It also depends on the clinic’s accumulation on this subject. The more grafts mean a higher price. 5 grafts for 1 cm square is a reasonable amount of grafts for a successful operation. The most important thing that affects pricing is the width of the intended area.

You should investigate the details of the plantation very seriously. Pricing is different in narrow areas such as scars and scars on the moustache. If you want to make a small change after transplant, this is retouching. There is no limit on the number of roots in retouch planting. On the other hand, another important aspect of this transplant is the donor area. Donor area may change the price of the transplant.

Hair transplant processes are delicate processes in nature.

Especially moustache transplant requires a meticulous work for a successful result. Therefore, you should get a quality of service to experience comfortable operation and healthy healing period. 

The prices shouldn’t be important for you for this type of aesthetic surgeries. If you experience an unsuccessful operation, you are going to pay more money for epilation or even healing the scars occurred. We recommend you to find a quality and experienced clinics and have an interview with the doctor. 

Moustache transplant results 

Doctors and the patient should be extremely careful in moustache transplantation. One of the biggest advantages is that the moustache area is rapidly recovering, except that it is a much more risky area compared to other cultivation crops. 

The process after moustache cultivation varies from person to person. But we can roughly indicate this process as 8-10 months. On the other hand, the FUE method minimizes possible complications. Doctors should facilitate the grooving process with the most accurate medical devices of the right angle, and to the ideal depth, otherwise, anomalies may occur in the hair follicles in the face area.

The process after moustache transplant is a wide process that starts with the end of the operation and continues with the growth of the hair follicles, starting on the day of operation and covering approximately 8-10 months. The patient can leave the hospital on his own, as operation requires only local anaesthesia. 

A slight swelling on the lips is normal.

In areas where operation occurs, there can be mild bleeding. Therefore, the moustache region may have a red dot image. However, this situation rapidly improves and disappears in a short time. You may have some problems while eating due to the swelling above the lips. It is a manageable and normal situation. Taking your medication according to the instructions, will prevent more serious problems.

Although the operation does not cause any speech difficulties, some people may have speech disorders because the swelling in the upper lip is very high in the first days. We recommend you to spend this process by resting and not talking unnecessarily. In this way, you can prevent the displacement of hair roots. 

On the third day, you can mildly wash the operation area. Crusting and itching are possible. You shouldn’t scratch and itch the moustache area. This process is approximately 3 days. After 3 days, the expected regeneration begins to complete. 

Process after the surgery

A week after surgery, small wounds begin to disappear. Redness in the moustache area is noticeably past, but crusting continues. Do not expect the crusts to come off completely during the first wash, so do not rub your hair follicles. 

Unnecessary pressure and harsh movements can cause the hair follicles to dislodge. The risk of complications was reduced as the antibiotic treatment takes place; the risk of complications reduce greatly. The person can easily return to daily life. Washing should continue frequently. Thus, unwanted images on the hair follicles will return to normal faster.

1 month after moustache transplantation

Shock hair loss may continue until the end of the first month. Shock loss can be different in every person. Since the dynamic structure of the body varies from body to body, it can vary from person to person in the post-operative process. 

Shedding of hair follicles is an indication of the emergence of new, fresh and healthy hair follicles. Aftershock loss, the growth of the new hairs follows a similar process with the growth of the hair follicles on average.

3 months after moustache transplantation, the process in which moustache starts to grow and healing takes place. However, some hair roots have not yet begun. Therefore, the appearance of the moustache can be sparse. The new hair follicles have not been fully grown and powerfully shaped. It is quite normal for whiskers to have unnecessary distortions, slight curl, and stubborn hair fibres. 

The elongation of the hair follicles after shock loss is on average a period similar to that of the hair follicles. Elongation is about 1-2 cm per month. Frequent washing is important, which will help normalize unwanted images on the hair follicles.



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