The most common problem we face in terms of hair transplantation is the post-operation process. Many people want to have hair transplant give up after hearing the healing process and that they are going to shave their hair completely. 

Specialists and clinics tried many various methods to get rid of this problem. Their main goal was to make clients comfortable both during and after the process. People who have specialized in the industry of hair transplantation came up with a great idea a few years ago, which is the unshaven hair transplant method.

Unshaven Hair Transplant & Hair Transplant without Shaving

There are 3 methods to transplant hair. The first one is the traditional hair transplant method. The second one is regional shaving method. 1000-1500 grafts are applied in planting will be made. Doctors shave only a small part of the donor area. They usually shave a rectangular area measuring 10 × 5 cm from the nape before the operation.

The last and the most recent one is unshaven hair transplantation. Generally, people who prefer to use their hair longer than 15-20 cm decide to have this method. Normal FUE technique is the best way to perform this surgery. Unshaven hair transplantation is a long-lasting and intensive operation, especially when compared to normal planting. For complete shaving-free hair transplantation, doctors should confirm the eligibility after various analysis.

There are a few stages different than the traditional hair transplant. First, doctors determine the donor region. Second, they collect healthy follicles with the least damage. Lastly, they transplant the follicles to the planned area. 

The usual process allows them to transplant approximately 4.000 hair follicles. Usually, 1 to 3 hairs grow from each follicle. Advanced methods like FUE technique increases the success rate of the operation. Gold needle pens and other techniques like micromotors also help the operation to a great extent.

Unshaven Hair Transplant

Unshaven hair transplant is a recent and successful method. The method includes not shaving or the shortening of the hair. This makes it a highly preferred method for those who are socially active and have limited time to recover. 

Those who care for their look after the operation also prefer unshaven hair transplant. Thanks to advanced technologies, the steps and the success rate are slightly different than the traditional hair transplantation. 

Naturally, aesthetic concerns lead the way to this kind of processes. Especially women with long hair and those whose job is about presenting their exterior image apply for this operation. Shaving-free hair transplantation fully supports the comfort of patients with the help of technology and constant studies. FUT and FUE methods are convenient with unshaven hair transplantation. However, doctors prefer not to use the FUT method due to its disadvantages. 

The operation takes more time and effort than the traditional hair transplant technique. However, when you think of the consequences and the result, the unshaven hair transplantation is a highly reasonable technique, and it is possible to have more successful operation thanks to advanced technology in the field. We highly recommend this method for those who always postpone their operation due to social insecurities and healing process.

Unshaven  Hair Transplant Turkey 

Hair loss continues to be a sensitive issue for both men and women around the world, and it is apparent that the experience is embarrassing for those involved. No matter where the loss of hair is on the body, it can have a huge impact on self-esteem and confidence. We provide the unshaven hair transplant in Turkey which is focused on improving the growth and the overall appearance of our patients’ hair in order to ensure every patient is left happy from start to finish.

There are a large number of patients who simply do not want to undergo a hair transplant due to the fact they do not want others around them to know that they underwent surgery, which can result in patients putting off the surgery or simply not undertaking it at all. However, there is a solution to these worries – the unshaven hair transplant Turkey technique.

Unshaven  Hair Transplant Costs 

Some people may consider that the hair transplant is an expensive aesthetic surgery. However, thinking that the appearance is as important as body health, most people prefer having a hair transplant operation rather than experiencing hair loss. The situation is the same as the unshaven hair transplant. Its operation prices are increasing. 

The main reason for increasing prices is that the operation requires more labour and time than the traditional hair transplant. Therefore, at least a team of doctors and specialists have to join the operation for a successful result. In addition, unshaven hair transplantation is not a common application. Not every hair transplantation centre offers this transplantation method. Therefore, prices are higher.

Another reason for increasing prices is that the unshaven hair transplant requires more attention. It is a more tedious operation, and a bunch of doctors take place to make it more comfortable for the patient. The experience of the doctor and the technique he uses can change the price as well. Considering that the more you pay, the more comfort you receive, prices are not important. You can get the quality of service with a little bit more payment.

Unshaven Hair Transplant Results 

In the last couple of years, scientists and specialists evolved the hair transplantation. Professional clinics offer fully guaranteed and successful results for every client. Unshaven hair transplant also benefited the technological advances and developments. You can have a completely successful operation without even trimming your hair. 

The knowledge and experience of the physician are more important than with the standard transplant procedures. He should be familiar with the whole process to have a successful operation. Very few doctors prefer this method today because it is technically difficult.

Everybody who experienced this method can return their social life after a couple of hours. The hair also looks natural, and no one can tell that you have undergone surgery. However, the patient may experience a shock loss of approximately 3 weeks to 3 months after the operation. This is just a temporary situation, and the hair will grow as soon as possible.

Unshaven Hair Transplant Advantages 

First of all, unshaven hair transplantation does not provide an advantage for the clinic and the doctor. Therefore, all we think is the comfort of the patients. 

  • Your hairstyle will not change after the hair transplant.
  • The hair will eliminate the non-aesthetic image in the area.
  • You can return to your social and daily life much faster.
  • Clients do not have to wait for months to get your hair size back.
  • The women and the men who do not want to shave their hair can easily prefer this method.

Unshaven  Hair Transplant Disadvantages 

First of all, there is no difference between traditional hair transplant and unshaven hair transplant in terms of results. They look the same from the outside.

It takes more time and labour than the traditional method. The time duration of the process can vary according to the number of grafts. Approximately, traditional FUE method lasts 5 hours, and the unshaven hair transplant may last for 8 hours.

There is a certain graft limit for unshaven hair transplant. More than 3.000 grafts may require shaven hair transplant according to the doctor’s analysis for an effective process. The doctor may even repeat the operation several times if you insist on having an unshaven hair transplant.

The most important disadvantage is the transplantation price. It is higher than the traditional method. Existing hair in the planting area may cause over-sweating. This means that the area is more likely to catch germs until the healing process ends.

People with intense hair loss may want to have an unshaven transplant. However, it is not possible to apply this method as it needs much more grafts than usual. We recommend regional trimming for those patients. 

It is not easy to ensure a hygienic operation environment as the long hair may provide germs and bacterias. When transplanting the hair follicles, doctors should be more careful as they may damage the roots. The operation requires intense attention and patience for the doctors and nurses.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Unshaven Hair Transplant

Is the healing process the same as traditional transplantation?

The patient has to be more careful after the operation. The healing process can be more difficult in this method. The risk of postoperative complications is slightly higher.

Do scars occur during the operation?

Minor scars do occur during the operation. However, unshaven hair transplantation can cover the scars, and it is helpful for a natural appearance after the operation.

Is it possible to have an unshaven transplant with every technique?

Experienced doctors may perform in every way possible. You shouldn’t insist on the methods that the doctors do not recommend because it can be dangerous for the patient to use uncertified pens. It may damage the area.

Why should I prefer this method?

If you want to cover the damages that the operation does, you should prefer this method as it hinders the post-operation complications.



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