What to Consider Before Hair Transplant, Hair transplant operations are becoming more and more popular each day. Thousands of people choose this wonderful hair restoration method for putting an end to their hair loss problems. When we consider the fact that a hair transplant operation is the only method that can provide permanent and natural hair growth, it is not surprising why so many people choose it.

What to Consider Before Hair Transplant

However, before you undergo a hair transplant operation, it is important to know what the procedure involves and what you will be getting at the end of the operation. In our article, we will be noting some of the things that you need to consider before having a hair transplant. 

What is causing your hair loss?

There are many reasons that can cause hair loss and baldness. Some of these causes are temporary, and you can eliminate them by a number of methods. For instance, stress can be the reason why you are losing your hair. If that is the case, you can avoid stressful situations or see a therapist to eliminate the source of stress. 

Anyhow, the most common type of hair loss is called the male pattern hair loss. This type of hair loss is usually genetic and occurs as you age. If the cause of your hair loss is permanent, you should definitely choose a hair transplant because it is the only efficient solution available today

How old are you?

Anyone over the age of 18 can legally have a hair transplant. However, it is not recommended for people under the age of 20. Because their hair loss process is still ongoing and what the full pattern is going to be at the end of the hair loss is unknown.

Besides that, there are no age restrictions for a hair transplant. There is no such thing as being too old for a hair transplant. Some people think that it is mainly for young people, but that is not true. Quite the contrary, the most suitable candidates for a hair transplant operation are the patients who are over 40 years old. Because the hair loss stops after the age of 40 and the pattern of baldness becomes more stable.

The hair transplant centre that you choose

A hair transplant operation requires an accurate diagnosis and meticulous planning before the procedure. In this sense, it is necessary to have a painstaking work of a skilled doctor. That is why where you are going to have your hair transplant matters. You need a hair transplant facility that can provide you with sophisticated hair transplant methods and tools. Nevertheless, the doctor and the technicians also need to be skilled and experienced in the hair transplant field. 

Turkey is among the most commonly preferred countries for having a hair transplant. As esteGrande, we are proud to be one of the best hair transplant facilities in Turkey. We are able to provide you with the most advanced hair transplant innovations and the doctors who have years of experience in hair transplant operations. All of these qualities combined, esteGrande makes a perfect facility for having a hair transplant that will give you satisfactory results.

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