Exercise after Hair Transplant, Thanks to advanced technology and improved techniques, hair transplant operations have become more comfortable. Furthermore, impressive results are not a distant dream anymore. However, there are some considerations for a healthy postoperative period and successful results. Doing exercise after the operation is one of the issues you should consider after the procedure.

Exercise after Hair Transplant

After the operation, the operation area should be well protected against all kinds of trauma, especially in the first two weeks. Therefore, heavy exercises may negatively affect the new hair follicles as they have a risk of outer impact.

Try to have some rest for the first few days and stay away from heavy and tiring work. Since the new hair follicles are very sensitive, be careful against impacts and protect your scalp. Furthermore, you must preserve the operation area from sunlight, air pollution and rain for a certain period after the procedure.

Severe exercise and body lifting may damage the hair follicles as they are in holding and healing process. Likewise, you should not go to the sea, pool, sauna for the first 15 days.

On the other hand, light-paced exercises such as jogging or walks are possible. However, we recommend you wait for at least a month before starting exercising. This will ensure healthy results and minimize potential risks due to external trauma.

After a month, you can continue doing heavy exercises as the hair follicles ultimately hold on to the scalp. Thanks to new techniques in hair transplant, you can have a relatively comfortable postoperative period. Therefore, if you follow your doctor’s recommendations, you can get healthy and successful results.

Other Points to Consider After Hair Transplantation

If you have a medication that you use before hair transplantation operations, you should tell your hair transplant doctor. The use of aspirin or painkillers should be discontinued before the procedure, and if necessary, approval should be obtained from the hair transplant doctor. You can see some of the recommendations after hair transplant.

  • Follow the warnings and precautions and behave carefully after the operation for impressive results.  You can see some of these suggestions below.
  • You should not take blood-thinning medications for a while after hair transplantation.
  • Protect your scalp from the intense sun rays and cold.
  • Try to lie on your back for the first week.

Your new hair after the shock loss will be noticeable in the fourth month. In the sixth month, hair broadly covers the target area and takes a natural look similar to your previous healthy hair. At the end of a year, you can see the perfect results, if you pay attention to your hair care.

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