Exosomes: A Hair Restoration Treatment with Awesome Potential

Exosomes: A Hair Restoration Treatment with Awesome Potential, There are so many products for hair regeneration out there: from oral to surgical.

Exosomes: A Hair Restoration Treatment with Awesome Potential

The most popular drugs provide only short-term improvement. Surgical operations can be long and exhausting. Therefore, scientists have come up with a brand-new solution to hair loss. The most natural hair regrowth treatment is exosomal therapy.

Exosomes are extracellular vesicles which play a role in cell communication. Exosomes make other cells change their behaviour by transmitting messages. Scientists are now able to utilise these signalers with advancing technology. The most important benefit of these organisms is that they bring a wide range of growth factors. Exosomes can carry multiple doses of proteins across cells as they are small and fast. Now they can be used for the treatment of hair loss.

By injecting exosomes, scientists have found a way to regenerate and regrow hair in the earlier stages of hair loss. Both men and women can benefit from this miraculous treatment. Exosome therapy can regenerate natural hair growth in two to three months. However, you can see the most visible results in the sixth month after the procedure. Furthermore, new hair growth is promoted for at least a year. You should wait for at least six months for the second session as a detailed analysis is necessary. 

Exosomes therapy is a relatively safe procedure if it is applied according to the standards and regulations. Therefore, you should check the specific certificates that indicate the safety of the procedure. For hair loss, 400 billion exosomes per vial are adequate to regenerate hair growth. 

Differences between Exosomes and Other Therapies

Some treatments use the patient’s natural blood in order to facilitate the growth factors. However, as we age, the body fluid’s effectiveness decreases in terms of quality and quantity. Furthermore, the health of the patient is important for the success of the procedure. However, exosomes are injected into the body from outside. Therefore, the patient’s health conditions do not affect the success of the treatment. There are no contraindications for exosome injections. 

Before and After the Procedure

Before the procedure, there are some considerations for a successful treatment. Patients should do the following: 

  • Drink a lot of fluid one day before the procedure
  • Have breakfast the morning of their procedure
  • Avoid aspirin, naproxen, ibuprofen, and other NSAIDs three days before and three weeks after the process 

The only restriction after the therapy is to avoid aspirin, naproxen, and ibuprofen for three weeks following the procedure. After the treatment, you can go home and shower. Be aware that the target area may be tender. Many patients return to their daily life on the same day. You can use finasteride or minoxidil in conjunction with exosome therapy for hair loss.

Do Exosomes Cause Cancer?

Currently, there are not any direct studies that can show exosomes do not cause cancer, but there are studies that show they can treat cancer. Therefore, they won’t cause the formation of cancer cells. esteGrande Instagram

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