Eyebrow Transplant Process, Humans are innately emotional and social beings. Of course, there are many ways to express our emotions via our bodies, but as all would accept, eyebrows have a crucial role in that. Not only this, but eyebrows also protect our eyes from moisture and light. They physically help us to maintain our sight. Therefore, eyebrow loss would have severe bad effects on our lives. People may lose their eyebrows due to many different causes such as accidents, poor nutrition, dermatological problems or some genetic issues.

Thanks to advances in medical technology, it is now possible to have eyebrow transplant for those who suffer eyebrow loss or eyebrow hair thinning. Now let us continue with the techniques of eyebrow transplantation.

What Are the Techniques of Eyebrow Transplant? 

There are two mainly used techniques for eyebrow transplants, called FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) and NeoGrafting.

In the first technique, FUT, a four-inch-wide piece of skin is removed from your scalp and then all hair from this piece grafted to anywhere you’d like. The process leaves a scar on your scalp where the piece is taken, but unless your hair is shaved, it is not noticeable. It is also because doctors usually take the piece from the back of your scalp.

The second, NeoGrafting is different from FUT in this manner; your hair is to be taken from your scalp by a machine, without leaving a scar in your scalp. Yes, it sounds better, but the success rate is distinguishably lower than of FUT. Because not only strands are taken, but they also take the follicles, and FUT is more successful with this.

How Much Does Eyebrow Transplant Cost?

Eyebrow transplant is considered as a nonmedical procedure and thus is usually not covered by health insurances. The cost, not surprisingly, changes according to your exact need, preferences and personality traits. 

Any additional implants after the recovery phase, fees related to facility and your clinic can affect these numbers. So, talk about cost and payment options with your clinic beforehand. Now, let’s continue with the process.

How Does Eyebrow Transplant Process Work? 

As explained above, the first main operation is taking hair from your scalp. You are not generally anaesthetized if you don’t exactly want so. The anaesthesia method, whether it will be local or general, is totally up to your choice. With experienced doctors and technicians, this process will be much easier for you. 

The second part of the process is grafting the hair and follicles to your eyebrows. In this process too, you can choose between local and general anaesthesia. Furthermore, you can decide to the shape of your eyebrows, or you can leave it to your doctor as well.

After the whole procedure, your eyes will probably be swollen for a week or two but don’t worry; it is totally normal. Remember that not all follicles successfully adapt. Therefore, your eyebrows might not be growing, or vice versa they can grow more rapidly than normal eyebrows. In any case, be in touch with your doctors after the procedure without omission!

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