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Despite too often being overlooked, our eyebrows play an important role in day-to-day life. They help us to communicate through facial expressions and protect our eyes from water, sweat and other debris and in recent years, they have been the centre of a number of beauty trends. For this reason, both men and women suffering from excess loss of hair from their eyebrows can suffer from a loss of confidence and trouble with their self-esteem, which is why our eyebrow transplants Turkey are becoming increasingly popular.

Since the 1990s, it has been a trend to pluck eyebrows into a thin arch, causing people to overpluck their eyebrows and damage the follicle. This, in turn, has prevented regrowth. As the trend has now changed to encompass a more natural, fuller brow, the pressure has risen for men and women alike to change their looks to suit. While make-up can be used to fill in thin or sparse brows, eyebrow transplants Turkey have offered a more permanent, long-lasting solution.

An eyebrow transplant by esteGrande utilises the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method in order to harvest hairs from the scalp and transplant healthy follicles back onto the brows to improve density. With precise placement following the normal pattern of growth, patients can see improved density across the span of their eyebrows with natural-looking results.

Is An Eyebrow Transplant Turkey Right For Me?

For patients who are unsure whether an eyebrow transplant is the right solution to sparse brows, it’s important to take into consideration the cause of their hair loss. In some cases, the loss of hair from the brows may be a temporary problem or one that can be solved by an adjusted diet or by treating an underlying problem.

Nutritional deficiencies, for example, can result in poor hair growth overall, which may be seen in thinning or damaged eyebrows. Vitamins A, B-12, C, D and Iron and biotin each play their part in healthy growth, and those with deficiencies may see sparser brows. In these cases, speak to your GP or a dietician ahead of your appointment with us.

However, there are a number of permanent causes of hair loss where an eyebrow transplant may be an ideal solution. These include Alopecia Areata, persistent plucking or previous plucking that has damaged the follicles, some thyroid issues and ageing. Physical trauma may also lead to loss of hair, such as burns, scarring or accidents and in these cases, an eyebrow transplant Turkey procedure may help to restore a level of confidence in the patient. Each cause of hair loss or thinning on the brows will be treated individually when visiting esteGrande hospital in Istanbul, and the best course of treatment will be determined dependant on your case.

Typically, patients who have experienced hair loss due to genetic conditions, excess plucking or victims of accidents or trauma are the most viable candidates for a transplant, however, we have qualified clinicians available for the consultation and expert surgeons available for the procedure who can determine the viability of your case for a eyebrow transplant Turkey.

Eyebrow Transplant

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