Eyebrow restoration is a surgical procedure to reposition the eyebrow. With advancing age, a
common occurrence is descent of the eyebrow, or brow ptosis. A similar condition is eyelid ptosis.
Eyebrow repositioning is a commonly performed procedure in cosmetic surgery. The brow is
repositioned, optimally, for the wishes of the patient as well as to correct the descent.

Eyebrow transplants in the UK can cost upwards of £4,000; medical costs in Turkey are, on average,
up to 70% less. The average price of eyebrow transplantation in Turkey is $1550, the minimum price
is $510, and the maximum price is $2800. This is just one of the reasons why men and women from
around the world are choosing eyebrow transplants in Turkey as a viable option. Thanks to the
training, skill, and volume of high-quality doctors in Turkey, a wide variety of world-leading hair
restoration treatments are available in Turkey at a fraction of the cost of many other countries.

Some people may wonder whether they are going to regret going through the operation. However,
when we look at the statistics they show that people who have done this have not regret opposite
they are pleasant with their look.

Is eyebrow transplant permanent? Most suitable candidates who get eyebrow transplants often see
good results within the first two years. After that, the results can fade and hairs often fall out.
Sometimes the results can last for years after the initial surgery.


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