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Our eyelashes not only act as a point of beauty on our features but with the primary function of protecting our eyes from dust, debris and other potential concerns, the importance of having healthy lashes is undeniable. They provide our faces with symmetry and can help to enhance our confidence and for this reason, the act of enhancing and styling our lashes to fit beauty trends has ensured that this simple feature has become one of the most important. This is where our eyelash transplant Turkey comes in.

The absence of eyelashes can lead to reduced confidence and low self-esteem, whether as a result of trauma that has damaged the follicles, or overuse of false lashes or beauty products. However, for those suffering from the loss of their eyelashes, an eyelash transplant offered by esteGrande Hair Transplant could provide a solution. Initially designed to provide trauma patients with the restoration of their lashes when it was otherwise lost, this procedure has now become a standard part of our core offering.

Hair loss from the eyelashes can be caused by a number of different factors, including:

  • Alopecia – Those suffering from Alopecia Areata may experience hair loss from any part of their body, including the scalp, eyebrows, body hair and, of course, eyelashes.
  • Trauma – Trauma to the eye or surrounding tissue can lead to damaged hair follicles within the eyelids. When the follicles are damaged, the hairs can no longer grow or may be easily breakable.
  • Medication – Certain treatments can lead to hair loss, not least including radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Hair loss of this kind can affect the entire body,
  • Beauty Routines – The overuse of various beauty products, including mascara, false lashes and even lash curlers, can lead to the loss of hair. Excessive strain on the follicles can cause them to become weak, making it easy to pull the hair out of the lid.
  • Trichotillomania – Also known as ‘Trich’, this condition is characterised by an unavoidable urge to pluck and pull out the lashes.

Your Eyelash Transplant Turkey Journey

Throughout this consultation, you can discuss your expectations from the procedure, the results you want to see following the surgery and your dedicated patient consultant will put together a treatment plan accordingly.

Your eyelash transplant Turkey treatment plan will include a full overview of the procedure itself so you can understand what you’re likely to see following the surgery, as well as every feature included in our standard treatment packages. This includes:

  • Suggested flight combinations available to book
  • A greeter at the airport to escort you to your airport transfer
  • A private airport transfer to and from the airport
  • A four or five-star hotel throughout the duration of your stay
  • Transfer to and from your appointments
  • A dedicated patient host to attend appointments, translate and act as a central point of call
  • 12-months aftercare support
  • Lifetime Warranty Certificate

Eyelash Transplant

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