Facial Plastic Surgery covers all kinds of plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive interventions of all structures in the face, head and neck region. Approximately 20% of the surgical interventions in the Department of Otorhinolaryngology constitute facial plastic surgery. 

Turkey is also closely monitoring the developments in the United States, and especially young specialists began to perform complicated operations. The main reason for this is that a very intensive training program has started, especially in the last ten years.

However, the best pre-operative preparation is possible through a healthy interview where you can find answers to all questions. In this sense, the quality of photographs is significant to guide the pre-operative interview and to compare postoperative results.

Pre-operative and postoperative care recommendations may vary according to the surgeon performing the procedure. Your pre-operative consultation with your surgeon should be detailed enough to answer all your expectations, concerns and questions. 

During the interview, you can learn:

  • the most appropriate and effective methods for you 
  • to what extent these methods can meet your expectations, 
  • short – long term results 
  • possible risks.

A separate assessment between the anesthesiologist and the patient may be necessary for exceptional cases after the operation according to the type of anaesthesia.

Nevertheless, there are multiple facial plastic surgery procedures in the field to reconstruct the structure of the face.


of healthcare funds worldwide are spent on diagnostic tests


lab tests guide more than 70 percent of medical decisions


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Frequently Asked Questions About the FACIAL PLASTIC SURGERY

It is the name of the surgery which we perform to correct the appearance of the auricle. In otoplasty surgery, our doctors adjust the prominent ear and the impaired image of the auricle due to congenital or trauma-like reasons. 

Impaired ear image causes adverse social and psychological problems, especially during childhood. As they grow up, children entering social environments such as nursery, kindergarten and school may be subjected to brutal reactions and mockery due to the appearance of their ears. Therefore, some people may have an otoplasty in their childhood.

It is a highly common facial plastic surgery. It can be performed under general or local anaesthesia, with daily surgery or a short hospital stay.

Our tense, energetic and healthy skin turns into an old appearance over time with the effects of:

  • sun
  • gravity 
  • ageing 

Facelift surgeries help you to take back what time has taken from you. The goal is to give you a younger and healthier look. In the meantime, it can help you increase your self-confidence. In developed countries, the increased average life expectancy and well-being have made facelift operations one of the most preferred and applied aesthetic facial surgeries. 

If you are wondering how facelift surgery will change your appearance, or what to expect from this surgery, you should have a detailed interview with our doctors. Skin type, ethnicity, degree of skin tension, tissue healing rate and strength of bone structure can affect the degree of surgery. 

Mentoplasty is the plastic surgery of the jaw and includes the reconstruction of the jaw intending to make it more compatible with the face. Therefore, this surgery improves the appearance of the jaw and the overall proportions of the face. All the structures on the face must be harmonious and balanced within themselves.

Mentoplasty can be performed by placing an implant in the patient to correct a weak jaw, enlarging a small or pulled jaw. Furthermore, in patients with very small jaws, their body tissues can be the donor for the jaw, usually the hip area. We can also perform mentoplasty by removing a part of the bone that disrupts the overall appearance.

The nose is an important organ, which is located in the centre of the face. Therefore, it plays a significant role in the appearance of us. However, each nose has a unique shape. Therefore, even small changes in the nose can affect the look of the face. People often want to have rhinoplasty surgery to achieve the ideal nose shape. The harmony between the components of the face may be the key to a beautiful look. However, it is not possible to speak of a standard of beauty which is valid for all people.

The primary purpose of the surgery is to create a natural and better-looking nose that is compatible with your face. Nevertheless, you should know that it is unrealistic to expect excellent results from each operation. The outcome of the surgery does not depend solely on the ability and experience of the surgeon. The patient’s:

  • age
  • skin condition 
  • bone structure
  • wound healing

 also affect the success of the results. However, you can obtain perfect results with an experienced surgeon and a reliable centre. Regarding this, you can get in touch with us for both affordable and high-quality operations. esteGrande Instagram