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How to Get Rid of Split Ends?

How to Get Rid of Split Ends? Split ends are the soothsayers that foretell the future bane of your precious hair, warning you that you better do something about it soon.

Dyeing Your Transplanted Hair

Some people simply cannot wait to dye their hair, even after undergoing a hair transplant. It’s understandable. After all, what is to some a fun

Treatments for Hair Loss in Turkey

Treatments for Hair Loss in Turkey, One of the first countries to massively adopt the performing of hair transplant procedures, Turkey is now recognized

Why Your Hair Won’t Grow

Why Your Hair Won’t Grow, The hair is always growing. As long it is healthy anyway. Our hair observes a cyclical routine in falling out and regrowing

4 Tips for Minimising Hair Damage

4 Tips for Minimising Hair Damage, Many of the things we do (or don’t) regularly can bring life to our hair or bring a death sentence to it. You got

How to Prevent Premature Balding

How to Prevent Premature Balding, Being bald is, or even the onset of it causes anxiety in every man. No one wants to have a bald head. Men, in such