Hair Transplant in the Young Patient?

Hair Transplant İn The Young Patient? Our face is what describes us in social life. It can give ideas about one’s personality. All of us, as human beings, always want to have a good impression on the people we meet. We spend lots of money on beauty culture. Some care for the shape of the nose, the plumping of the lips, the width of jawbones, or even the length between their eyes. And, of course, for the most outstanding part of our head: The hair. But, what about eyebrows?

Hair Transplant in the Young Patient?

Some might ignore the importance of the eyebrows for the face. Actually, many of us don’t even glimpse at all while becoming acquainted with somebody. But the eyebrows have always had a particular pattern throughout the history of the conception of beauty. 

The trends throughout the history have varied from the thin, hirtellous eyebrows to natural-looking bushy ones. Egyptian men preferred thick and bold eyebrows. Ancient Greeks gave importance to natural-looking eyebrows. Barely noticeable eyebrows were opted for in the middle age.

With the modern era, the preference changed decade by decade from pencil-thin to the bold brows. Everyone tried to keep up with the times; some were lucky; the others were not that much. Today, everybody has an opportunity because we have eyebrow transplant technology.

What is Eyebrow Transplant?

The Eyebrow Transplant is an operation that aims to grow hair in the eyebrow area. Technically, it is similar to the hair transplant. Hair follicles above the ears or in the nape of the head of a person are transferred to the brows. Thus, the eyebrow regains hair bulb, and the patient’s brow grows again. The procedure is common and quite simple to implement unless the person has serious health conditions. In total, it takes 1 or 2 hours.

How the Eyebrow Transplantation is Carried Out? 

The FUE technique is the most common one in the transplantation industry. The patient chooses an eyebrow model. Before the operation, the practitioner decides whether the model is suitable for the person or not. The model shape is drawn on the area. 

Sufficient hair bulb number is determined. The taken hair follicles are planted to the micro eyebrow canals which were empierced by special blades. The patient’s own hair is important to be used for tissue compatibility. The directions of the canals are essential for the aesthetic of the brow because any mistake may cause an unpleasing look.

How Much Does it Cost?

During an eyebrow transplant, fewer hair follicles are transplanted comparing to the hair transplantation. This is the main thing for price determination. So, the eyebrow transplant operation is cheaper. But prices can change for every city and every clinic. It is suggested to have the operation in the clinics of good reputation and experienced ones.

The experienced clinics generally make an instalment for clients. So that they can pay easily, for that reason, one should not favour the less famous clinic for a lower price. Because, instead of having good looking eyebrows, you can have an irrevocable disaster on your face. esteGrande Instagram


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