Four Reasons to Give a Hair Transplant to Younger Patients

It’s not unheard of for young people to have receding hairlines at a young age. Some do experience this in their early twenties. However, there has been this common belief that patients below the age of twenty-four are not supposed to get a hair transplant. 

In this article, we aim to deconstruct the reasons behind this belief and debunk this myth. We aim to explain the considerations one must make before getting a hair transplant. And, ultimately, we aim to give you four reasons to give a hair transplant to younger patients and why it’s okay. 

Why People Believe That They Can’t Get Hair Transplant If They’re below Twenties

Many people believe that it is not advisable to get a hair transplant at a young age. This is because younger patients sometimes find that once they get a hair transplant, their existing hair thins at a much different rate than their transplanted hair. This then leads to uneven hair that can look just as bad. 

What Should You Consider before Getting a Hair Transplant If You’re Young?

Generally, before undergoing a procedure like a hair transplant, you need to set up a consultation. When discussing your situation with our doctors, you can discuss some possible medical reasons for the thinning, if any. There are chances that if not age, then it’s something else, like medication, that’s causing your receding hairline. Next, you can assess the type of hair loss that you are experiencing. Lastly, you then begin to review all the possible options for your case. 

Four Reasons to Give Hair Transplant to Younger Patients


  • The psychological effect of a receding hairline is not worth the stress. In this case, prevention is certainly better than cure. Having a thinning hair over time certainly affects a person’s self-esteem. Performing procedures as early as when the symptoms occur can prevent this from happening. 
  • In this age and time, we can diagnose better. On a microscale, it is possible for us to determine the hair loss pattern that you will have over time. Some factors that can help determine this would be your genetics and family history of receding hairline. Better diagnostics allows us to implement hair transplant plants that will take into account your personal case. 
  • We prescribe effective medications. To combat even further hair loss, we give effective prescriptions. We do this early on. This, combined with the hair transplant, can help prevent your existing hair from receding and allows you to still have even hair.
  • Beard and neck areas can now be used for hair transplant procedures. In today’s age, we are having increased sources for hair grafts. Today, young people can now use thousands of hair graft from either their neck areas or beard or both for their procedure. 


As mentioned in the first item in the list, as long as there is ample treatment, it is really not worth stressing out about. If you can get treatment later and get relief, then why not get relief as early as possible?


The common concern regarding having uneven hair if you undergo the procedure at an early age really has not much backing. There are certain measures we use that can effectively combat this.

Personally, if you are still worried and concerned about your case, feel free to contact our doctors and experts for advice. esteGrande Instagram

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