Hair Transplant at 5 Months: Post Operation What to Expect

Hair Transplant at 5 Months: Post Operation What to Expect, After a month of despair, care and doctor controls, now it is time to harvest the successful results. In this period, the person no longer feels all the effects of postoperative problems. 60% of the hair in the cultivated area grows until the fifth month. The hair follicles, which are thin and curly in the beginning, have their form and become stronger as time passes. In this process, the hair grows approximately 1 cm every month.

After a hair transplant, incubation, which is a perfectly normal period, is now completed. Your hair growth becomes observable. In the 5th month, the hair becomes prominent. Your hair has been growing for months now. From the beginning of the 5th month, more hair strands will continue to come out. The person can now give shape to his hair in any direction he wants. However, in time, hair strands will thicken depending on the hair cut. At the end of the 5th month, the hair growth rate is approximately 30%.

Some people do not experience hair loss in the first four months. Although there is a slight possibility, the shock loss may happen in 5th month. Therefore, you may observe acne formation on your scalp due to this loss. 

Towards the end of the month, the hair strands gradually increase. The first hair strands after the hair transplant can be curly. In the following months, it begins to return to the normal hairstyle. People who have hair transplant usually are worried during this month. However, you should know that you have to wait at least six months for successful results.

Some Tips for the 5th Month of the Process

There are some considerations you should keep in mind during the fifth month after hair transplant. Following these will affect the success of the operation.

  • Combing hair may still damage your hair strands. 
  • You should protect your skin from outside impacts as much as possible.
  • It is dangerous to shave your head with a razor or doing a buzz cut with a trimmer.
  • Avoid hair, sauna, extreme heat and extreme cold until the 6th month after hair transplantation.
  • Hair vitamins can be continued, and PRP can be done in the 5th month.
  • The maximum time required to obtain a 100% result is approximately one year.
  • During and after the 5th month, it is recommended to take care and nutritional supplements to strengthen the hair follicles. 

After the 5th month, there are still cases where some hair follicles remain thin or do not come out. The hair follicles have not yet reached their natural state, and the healing process has not been completed after planting. Change and growth of the hair still continue. In time, the colour and texture of the hair become natural.

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