Hair Transplant: Facts vs Expectations, Due to recent innovations in hair transplants, people now hold many beliefs and expectations that no longer reflect the facts. When it comes down to it, people have to know the necessary hair transplant facts vs expectations for the sake of the would-be patients. 

Hair Transplant: Facts vs Expectations

The following are some of the common expectations and the actual facts of the procedure.

Your Hair Will Look Just Like It Did When You Were 18

Hold your horses—that is a bit much. While restoring your hair will undoubtedly have you looking younger, you will not look that young. Rather, you can get an idea of how thick your hair will look by looking at your donor area. Just imagine it on top of your hair. It will look great, for sure, but it is no fountain of youth either.

I Will Need Several Appointments to Complete the Procedure

Not really, one surgery session is enough. Its duration depends on how many follicular unit grafts you will need. The more grafts you’ll need, the longer the procedure will turn out. If you can’t fit a long one in your schedule, do it across several days instead. But it is just as achievable in one session.

Hair Transplant Hurts

Only due to how much sitting you’ll do. Kidding aside, the surgery actually employs local or general anaesthesia, and you will feel only minimal discomfort during and after. Nothing big boys can’t handle.

It Will Leave a Scar

A follicular unit excision (FUE) hair transplant does not leave a scar. It leaves tiny, barely noticeable little dots that are easily concealed by the surrounding hair. These are from the extraction of hair follicles from the donor site. This said extraction employs a scalpel that is 1 mm in diameter or less, which is pretty small. No scars will be visible from this tiny-tipped scalpel.

Everyone Can Tell I Had the Procedure

That was in the early days of the hair plugs, where the grafts looked like dolls’ hair. Today, FUE hair transplant grafts follow your hair’s natural growth pattern, blending in seamlessly. So much so that celebrities suspected of undergoing one spark heated debates since it is so difficult to tell.

The Results Are Permanent

The hair from the back of the scalp is thinning-resistant. So there is little chance of you experiencing balding in the receiving site after the procedure. You might still lose hair elsewhere though.

The Grafted Hair Won’t Ever Fall Off

Around six or eight days after the procedure, you will experience a “shock loss,” in which the hairs attached to the grafted follicles will fall. This is completely normal and happens because the hair follicles have already settled in place and are about to start growing new hair. It will just be making room for them.

A Hair Transplant Procedure Is Prohibitively Expensive

Not in the slightest, if you know where to look. 

You have probably heard all these high figures the media throws around when talking about celebrity hair transplants. You’ve never seen so many zeroes, you’d think. 

And while it is true that the places the rich and famous go-to for their hair transplants charge quite a hefty fee, not all of them are like that.

Some can get you the same procedure performed with the same great quality by a certified professional surgeon for almost 1/3 of the average UK price. Hair transplants in Turkey are affordable due to their economy allowing lower costs, which results in lower prices for you.

Turkey also is very popular in this field, so much so that foreign patients travel to Turkey simply to get their hairs done effectively and affordably there. Many of them from the UK in fact. 

The procedure is just as regulated in Turkey as in any other part of the world. And since the demand is high, the service provider spares no expense in acquiring the latest equipment to perform the procedure. All in all, a hair transplant in Turkey is not prohibitively expensive, but it is very high-quality.

Hopefully, this article has helped you correct the wrong hair transplant facts-vs-expectations that you might have had. Get in touch with us for any other questions not listed here. esteGrande Instagram

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