How to Avoid Bad Hair Transplants?

How to Avoid Bad Hair Transplants? As effective as hair transplant is for hair loss and hair thinning issues, there have been many horror stories associated with the treatment. There are various complaints from patients about poor results and lousy hair growth.

Some patients have even suffered from botched hair transplants. And, the sad news is – scars are permanent, and it is not easy to fix a bad hair transplant.  

So, if you are about to take the method of hair transplant, make sure to take your time, consult with a few doctors, and avoid the mistakes made by many others. Also, here’s how you can prevent a bad hair transplant.

Let An Experienced And Skilled Surgeon Perform Your Surgery

It is essential to take your time and think about your surgeon and the hair transplant process. Since it will be a life-changing decision, you should choose an experienced surgeon.

Make sure to meet a few doctors and ask how many surgeries they have completed. Steer clear of unlicensed surgeons, and do not forget to check the experience and qualifications of the surgeon. It will help if they are British Association of Hair Restoration Surgery (BAHRS) or the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) certified. 

A genuine surgeon will be able to show you the documents and results they have personally produced.

Look For An Ethical And Responsible Medical Institution

Ethics play an important role in selecting the medical institution/ center. As you search for a hair transplant institution, you must have come across various unethical institutions. In these centers, the surgeries are performed by non-physicians with little or no knowledge of hair transplants and the procedure.  

So, make sure the center values the patient’s best interests at heart and not the money. You can spot an unethical center if they make false claims, such as the full head of hair.

Since a hair transplant surgery is not always suitable for everyone and a genuine surgeon would recommend it too if it’s in your best interest.  

Beware Of Clinics That Does Hair Restoration Part-Time

Many clinics only do hair restoration part-time. As you know, hair transplants are not easy and require exceptional skills. So, you must hire a renowned medical institution that performs surgeries daily and all the time.  

The hair transplant surgery requires intricate detailing. From designing and planning to harvest, surgeons need to handle this delicately. For this, you need to have a skilled professional with years of experience. No novice doctor or beginner in the field can carry out the surgery. 

Additionally, a skilled surgeon can educate you about the different procedures and the one that will suit you considering your hair loss issue. He will perform the surgery with the best-looking results. 

So, consulting expert institution like ours will help you a lot, in this case. 


So, if you’re dealing with a hair transplant, it’s time to visit a professional right now. But make sure you don’t make the same mistake as earlier and choose a skilled and renowned surgeon.

For this, you can get in touch with us. Even if you are dissatisfied with the results of your earlier surgery, you can visit our institution, and we will be happy to solve your problem and let you help in attaining the desired results. 

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