How To Sleep After Hair Transplant?

Hair loss and baldness were inevitable problems throughout history. People have tried many different solutions to have healthy and dense hair. But most of these solutions were temporary or not working at all. This dark era continued until the invention and the perfection of the hair transplant operation.

People can have permanent and natural hair now, all thanks to the hair transplant surgery. But because the hair transplant is a surgical operation, people think that the after-effects may be severe. And if you are considering the hair transplant surgery, this can raise a lot of questions in your mind.

Why the Way We Sleep is Important After the Hair Transplant?

Of course, there are some things that you need to be careful about after the hair transplant. But you do not need to worry. If you follow all the instructions of your clinic doctor, you will not encounter any nasty result after the surgery. 

One of the things patients frequently ask their doctors is how they should sleep after the surgery. It is one of the most crucial points because nobody would want to undermine the efficiency of the operation due to a simple detail like this. So, you should follow the sleeping instructions of your doctor to avoid any traumas to the scalp and eliminate the risk of infection.

Things You Need To Be Careful About While Sleeping After the Hair Transplant Surgery

  • Keep a proper posture while sleeping

Until the hair follicles start to sit tight in their places(this takes roughly 10-12 days), how you lay in bed is very important. Because if you choose a wrong posture, you may damage the transplanted hair follicles. So, lay on your back while sleeping and try to use double cushion. This will help you stay incorporated and it will be more comfortable for you as well. 

  • Have a clean area

Although the hair transplant surgery does not involve any major cuts or incisions, you will still have very small wounds. And if you want to protect these wounds from getting infected, use a clean bed and a pillow. So, it is a good idea to wash your bed and pillow sheets regularly; at least during the first days after the operation.

  • Make sure you do not hit the headboard

If you move too much while sleeping and hit your head on the headboard, you may damage the hair follicles. Any trauma to the head after the hair transplant surgery is going to reduce the success rate of the operation. It may also prolong the healing time after the operation So, try to sleep away from the headboard, or just cover it with a soft pillow.

  • Sleep regularly

Lack of sleep is going to slow down any sort of healing process. This involves the hair transplant surgery too. Therefore, you need to make sure that you are sleeping on time and you are sleeping enough. At least for the first 8 to 10 days after you have had the hair transplant operation. Because this is the most critical time.

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