Natural Hair Transplant, Through time, technology has advanced by leaps and bounds in every aspect. But one of the areas that were the most developed in the last 20 years is medicine. 

Since 1950, medicine evolved in such a way that life expectancy increased. People used to live 36 years old as maximum, and now the average is 78. In the past, hair loss was a problem that affected most of the male European population. Nowadays, hair loss can be handled with news treatments.

Natural Hair Transplant is a procedure in which a doctor uses the patient’s natural follicles to cover bald areas. Presently, it’s possible to have natural-looking results thanks to one key advance. Most surgeons now transplant the healthy hairs a few at the time; the difference is the procedure. Thanks to that, people with hair loss problems will not have the necessity to buy a wig. Now technology brings another option using their own hair and puts it back in the desired area.

As well, in all of these years, techniques have changed. Between the 70s and 80s, patients who had the surgery with the old technique had unnatural results. In time, the hair plugs became quite noticeable. Now, thanks to these advances, the results can look natural, even a barber or stylist cannot see the difference.

The hair transplant allows the surgeon to move healthy hairs on your scalp to areas with thinning hair. You will not have problems with compatibility because it is your own hair. Normally, the follicles that are used to cover the bald areas are in the back of your head. Remember, it is not someone else hair; those are your own follicles.

Which Techniques are the Newest?

There are two principal methods for extracting hair follicles in modern hair transplant techniques: FUE and FUT.

Follicular unit excision (FUE) and Follicular unit transplantation (FUT) are similar but with a principal difference. The primary difference between FUE and FUT is how the follicles are extracted from the donor area. It will depend on the surgeon and patient, which will be the best option.

FUE procedures don’t require stitches; the tiny extraction sites leave no detectable scars. If you have a short hair cut, you can go on with the FUE method. Even so, the FUE does require to shave the recipient zone. If you don’t want to have a short haircut, maybe FUT procedure is a better option. Removing the grafts as a group with FUT results in a fine scar on the back of the head. However, this scar is easily concealed with the hair worn.

Which technique is the best in the hair transplant market? It depends on the client. First, the surgeon has to analyze the patient’s condition. Then, The doctor has to talk with the client and explain to him his situation and choose the technique.

Although FUT and FUE are the most popular techniques in modern times, there are other techniques in hair transplant market. For example, there’s one technique called High-Yield Unit extraction (HUE) that can yield 12,000 hair implants in 6 hours.

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