Rob Brydon Hair Transplant, Hailing from the city of Swansea in Wales, Rob Brydon Jones is a well-known Welsh comedian. Also, he is an actor, writer, singer, impressionist, and television and radio host.

Starting out as a DJ for BBC Radio Wales, Rob created alongside Alan Thompson a number of comedic characters to perform. Chief among them was a hilarious pair called Tony and Keith. He would later land a gig in a show called Marion and Geoff. There, his Keith character would be the basis for his part of Keith Barret.

In 2000, Marion and Geoff was a smash hit with the critics that singled out Brydon’s comedic abilities. It landed Brydon a British Comedy Award for his part on the show. He then moved on to an equally funny show called Human Remains. Another award for most funny man followed.

It is clear that Rob Brydon can make people laugh silly. He can’t, however, stop a receding hairline with a punchline. But with a little help from modern cosmetic procedures, he just might accomplish this too.

Hair: Before and After

Known before for sporting balding looks, in the year 2009 Brydon surprised everyone with a new thick set of hair on him. This arose suspicion of a surgeon’s involvement.

The way the front of his scalp is now heavily populated suggests the labour of a cutting knife. Rob Brydon’s hair transplant—if he, indeed, had one—was most likely an FUE hair transplant procedure. The results could be a spectacular advert for hair transplants everywhere.

Rob Brydon’s Hair Transplant: Has He Had One?

Most likely, based on the extent of the change and the fact that now there’s much more foliage where there was once none. Evidence surely seems to the point that way.

In true funnyman fashion, Brydon evaded directly answering questions of whether he did or did not have a procedure. He quipped, “For some time now, my head has been feeling a lot warmer, but I was unable to put my finger on the reason why.” Ever the clever joker.

Hair Loss in Men

Not even very funny and happy looking people like Rob Brydon are safe from hair loss. Due to various reasons and underlying causes, hair loss can happen to anyone.

Usually brought about by age, the hair on the head progressively thins and thins until it grows no more. But age is not the only reason for it; genetics plays a part too.

Some genes that we inherit make us particularly susceptible to the effect of dihydrotestosterone (DHT for short). DHT is a hormone that is a by-product of testosterone, the male hormone. DHT binds itself to our hair follicles, which inevitably makes them shrink progressively. Due to this, the hair thinning occurs and continues until, in some cases, the hair follicle ceases to grow any more.

This process is what is known as male pattern baldness, something that Rob Brydon probably suffered too. However, he proves to you that you can successfully overcome it.

Hair Transplants, a Permanent Solution

Rob did not do it without help. Surgeons like the specialists we have in our facilities can deliver natural-looking results that you can’t tell from your original hair.

Better yet, the results are long-lasting too and can be achieved during a relatively brief procedure. Fuller hairline and younger looks in a short time? Only possible with a hair transplant. Contact us now to find out if this solution is for you.

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