Tricks and Transplant for Women’s Hair Loss

Tricks and Transplant for Women’s Hair Loss, In contrast with their male counterparts, most women don’t seek hair transplants with the majority of them not aware it is not only for the men. 

Women afflicted by androgenic alopecia are much more likely to opt for wigs or simply embrace it with appropriate haircuts.

But the word is spreading, with many women findings through social media that the option is viable for their gender.

Candidates for Women Hair Transplant

Not every woman is a viable candidate for the procedure, however. Only women with abundant and thick enough hair in the sides and back of the scalp can hope to have a chance at a hair transplant.

However, menopause tends to thin the hairs all around the head due to its hormonal disruption, which presents an obstacle for most women, since it is during menopause that they tend to seek the treatment the most.

Other viable candidates include:

  • Those women who suffer from alopecia marginalis, a uniform receding of the hairline
  • Women that lost hair due to injury or burns
  • The women that have undergone plastic surgeries in the past with incisions close to the scalp area
  • Women that lost hair from non-hormonal reasons like traction alopecia (the constant pulling of the hair)
  • Some women that have thinning or balding patterns that resemble male pattern baldness. 

Hence, women who present a receding hairline along with thinning in the crown of the head but less so on the sides and back. Due to this, those areas remain viable for excising healthy follicles.

Alternatives to Transplant for Women’s Hair Loss

As hair transplants are not possible for all women since they might not have the ideal conditions, there are viable alternatives.


It is a topical solution that can promote hair growth by improving blood flow to the follicles in the applied area. 

It acts as a counteract for the hair loss but doesn’t stop the underlying causes when the hair loss is of hormonal nature.


Rather than looking to add more, a new haircut will look to accommodate what you got as efficient as possible. 

Most women opt for a cut that does not go past shoulder length. Also, a hair colour that better blends with the scalp to hide bald spots through camouflage. 

Additionally, choosing to grow bangs can serve as an optical illusion of sorts signalling abundant hair.


Wigs are commonly classified between cheap and high-end. Cheap ones are more affordable, have a lifespan of three to six years depending on use, and require less care. On the downside, they are noticeably more unnaturally-looking and therefore easy to spot even from a mild distance.

High-end wigs made from real hair and look the part, and are only noticeable in an up-close inspection. Its lifespan is of one to two years, but they require constant care and are much more expensive.

Embrace it

It might be tough at first, but many women choose to embrace their thinning hair. Choosing to go out as they are releases psychological pressures and allows happier moods for them.

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