Fue Hair Transplant at 4 Weeks: Post Op What to Expect

Fue Hair Transplant at 4 Weeks: Post Op What to Expect, The healing process after FUE hair transplant covers a period of six months. We can divide this process into the healing of wounds, root feeding, and shock shedding. You should also make the necessary efforts to get healthy and good-looking hair. At the end of the third month, the new hair starts to grow in its natural growth cycle. Finally, it gets thick and robust in time.

Fue Hair Transplant at 4 Weeks: Post Op What to Expect

The first month is crucial for fruitful results. The transplanted hair follicles should be protected from external impacts to make them adapt to their new places properly. Besides, you should pay attention to your nutrition also to nourish the hair. After the first ten days of intense healing and treatment, the process continues smoothly with frequent washes and proper care. While keeping the washing process, which enables crusting to pass faster, do not forget the sensitivity of the scalp.

Your hair will experience a shock shedding within a few weeks after the operation. You don’t have to worry about this process as 90 per cent of patients go through this phase. This is due to the transition of the grafts to the sleep phase by activating the defence mechanism after the hair transplant. Your planted hair will then enter a new growth cycle and begin to grow healthily.

Suggestions for the First 4 Weeks

Although the healing process after the hair transplant varies from patient to patient, it covers a period of approximately six months. The first four weeks after the operation are very important. 

  • At the end of the first three days, the first washing process starts. You should carry out the washing procedure from the third day with a special-care lotion and shampoo recommended by your doctor for fifteen days or as instructed. With regular washing process, the crusts formed after transplant will soften and disappear at the end of the fifteenth day.
  • It is necessary to avoid heavy work, pool, sea, sauna, and exposure to the intense sun for a month after the transplant. However, you can take light-paced walks that will not make you tired and sweat after four to five days after the operation.
  • While applying your doctor’s instructions and suggestions after hair transplant, you should also care about what you eat, which helps the healthy growth of new hair follicles in this process. 
  • You should lie on your back as much as possible in the first days after transplant, and do not allow any contact to the transplant area.
  • Alcohol consumption should be avoided during this process. Since the alcohol is directly mixed with your blood, it may interfere with the drugs you use and may have negative consequences. Since smoking will also adversely affect the healing process, it is advisable not to smoke for at least one week after the operation.

You must be patient after the hair transplant operations. You will eventually see the perfect results. Here at esteGrande, we provide our patients with a sterile environment and the latest techniques. Therefore, you will have a short and healthy postoperative period. Get in touch with us for more information about the procedure.

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