FUE Hair Transplant in 4 Easy Steps

FUE Hair Transplant in 4 Easy Steps, There have been many methods for hair restoration, but none of them yielded results that were as efficient as the results of an FUE hair transplant. It is a permanent and affordable solution for people who suffer from hair loss. Moreover, it is an extremely safe process.

Be that as it may, you may still have some questions about how the FUE hair transplant works. If you do not want to undergo an operation that you do not know about, it is completely understandable. That is why we are going to explain the FUE hair transplant in four easy steps in our article.

Before the Operation

First of all, the hair transplant experts in our facility diagnose the patient. They determine how many hair grafts the patient needs and which area is going to be the donor area. The optimal choice for a donor area is the back of the neck or the sides of the head. But if the patient does not have enough hair grafts in these areas, our doctors can extract the hair grafts from other parts of the patient’s body. 

After determining where the hair will be taken from, the doctor then plans where he will implant the extracted hair follicles. This step also involves determining how the hairlines are going to be. The doctors in our facility are going to plan your hair transplant in a way that will meet your expectations and also look as natural as possible.

   1. Punch Incision for Extraction

Before proceeding with this step, our technicians apply local anaesthesia to the donor area of the patient. This ensures that the patient does not feel even the slightest amount of discomfort during any steps of the FUE hair transplant. 

And then, a micromotor punch device makes tiny incisions around the hair follicles that are going to be extracted in the next step. This process is extremely precise and quick because the doctor uses a micromotor punch device to perform this step.

   2. Extraction

When the doctor finishes making the incisions around the hair follicles, it means that the hair follicles are ready for the extraction process. In this step, the doctor extracts the hair follicles in grafts. Some grafts have single hair follicles, while some have double, triple, or quadruple.

   3. Sorting Out and Preserving the Grafts

The hair follicles that the doctor extracted in the previous step need to be sorted out and preserved for the next step of the FUE hair transplant. The grafts usually include single, double, triple, or quadruple hair follicles. And the technicians need to sort them out according to the number of hair follicles they contain. 

To do that, they use optical devices to examine each and every graft. Then, they put them separately in a special saline solution that will prolong the life cycle of the hair follicles until the doctor completes the extraction process.

    4. Opening the Channels and Implantation

This is the last step of the FUE hair transplant, and it requires a skilful doctor to perform it precisely. The doctor makes circular incisions on the area where he will transplant the hair follicles. The doctors in our centre open these channels in millimetric precision. Then finally, they implant the extracted hair grafts into these channels, and this concludes the FUE hair transplant procedure.

If you think FUE hair transplant is the option for you, you can get in touch with us. Our team offers all-inclusive packages to patients all over the world for this type of treatment.

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