FUE vs FUT Hair Transplant, there are some vital differences between FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). Though they both offer natural-looking results, they have some key differences. Nowadays, there are different variations of hair transplantation operations; such as “robotic FUE” or Sapphire canal opening. But it all boils down to these two basic hair transplantation methods.

Let’s begin by similarities: They both have the exact same implantation process. Each grafted follicle goes into an individual canal. They are not implanted in groups, strictly just as different units. Also, in both procedures, there is no scarring around the recipient area.

FUE vs FUT Hair Transplant – FUT method is a bit older than FUE

In a FUT operation, physicians have to use scalpels to open an incision. In order to get hair-bearing tissue, doctors take a skin flap from the scalp. This flap comes from the back of the scalp in a vertical elliptical shape. After the extraction, the medical team takes over the flap and divides it into separate follicles. During this process, the physician sutures the scalp together. The size and thickness of the scarring highly depend on the physicians’ expertise. So, make sure you get this operation done by a physician who specialises in hair transplantation surgery.

FUT surgery often yields a higher number of grafts

The coverance of FUT operation is better than FUE operations. This is a big advantage for many. Though, what deters most people is the scarring it leaves. FUT is a good option for patients requiring a significant number of grafts. Or it can be a good solution for trauma victims who had their looks compromised, like a motor vehicle accident or burn victims.

Aside from that, in FUE surgery, things work in a bit different way. There are no incisions in this type of operation. Instead, there is a micromotor that punches a small hole around the follicle. This way, the skin suffers less trauma during extraction. Even, a punch of the machine is fine-tuned to the radius of your follicles to minimise scarring. And a while after the operation, the scars this micromotor leaves is nearly impossible to see with the naked eye.  When to Get a Hair Transplant?

esteGrande FUE Hair Transplant

So it is up to you to get the operation the way you want. Your doctor will provide you with the guidance you need. Patient’s needs and the health of the scalp generally determine the operation type. Generally, FUE satisfies most patients’ needs, and most patients don’t want to have a scar. Here, at esteGrande, we provide both services with the top-notch system. For more information, you can contact our clinics.

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