Get That Full Beard You’ve Always Wanted

Get That Full Beard You’ve Always Wanted, Beards are the masculine trend, and you know it. Your mother knows it, your crush knows it, the girl-next-door knows it. And why wouldn’t they? Beards are just about the most iconic visual representation of manhood there is. That and muscles, of course.

The thing about beards is that the whole thing can be pretty unfair. Some have the easiest time growing a beard; they can almost do so by accident. Some other men spend significant amounts of time and money to try to get a patchy beard to look a bit thicker. Why this injustice?

What happens is that much of a man’s ability to grow a beard rests on his genes. Hereditary DNA, your mom and dad, gave to you will be the determinant. Some genes make you more sensitive to testosterone, and small quantities of it will trigger wild beard hair.

Needless to say, if you don’t have them, you will struggle to achieve the full-beard look. But there’s hope. A number of treatments are available to give you a boost in growing a beard.

How to Get That Full Beard You’ve Always Wanted

A couple of factors in your life might be limiting your beard-growing potential. Make sure you pay attention to these:

  • Stress. Keep it in check. Hair loss and stress go together hand in hand. Identify the causes and get rid of those that you can. Vent out to a close friend, talk to a therapist, or hit the gym. 
  • Exercise. Speaking of, hitting the gym and working out improves testosterone levels, relieves stress, and keeps you active and healthy — all the things you need to grow a beard. You’ve got no excuses, so hit the weights.
  • Diet. Beard is hair, and hair needs nutrients. Organ meats, beans, fish, eggs, and green vegetables are all you need for healthy hair.
  • Sleep. People that don’t get enough sleep these days also don’t grow a beard. Seven to eight hours is more than enough. Try to stick to a consistent schedule where you rise at the same hour.
  • Minoxidil. Lastly, a little trick. Minoxidil is a topical solution in either liquid or foam presentation. It stimulates hair follicles in the applied zone and lets them grow. Use it twice a day for six months to see results.

Sticking to these for six months to a year should greatly improve your beard situation. And if not, there’s another option for you.

Get That Full Beard You’ve Always Wanted with a Hair Transplant

In case you would rather not wait at all to see if those long-term treatments finally do what they say they’ll do, there is another option. A follicular unit extraction (FUE) hair transplant can very well get you that full beard you’ve always wanted. It will simply fill out your patchy beard or beardless jawline with hair follicles from elsewhere on your body.

In an FUE hair transplant, the doctor extracts healthy hair follicles from the base of the back of the scalp. Once extracted, the surgeon proceeds to graft them into the receiving site—in this case, your beard. Through a series of microincisions, the surgeon grafts the individual hair follicles and leaves them to take to the site and grow.

The procedure will fill any bald patches in your beard with hair that will grow following your natural beard hair’s growth pattern. Our surgeons are experts in delivering seamlessly blending results with the FUE technique. Contact us and get that full beard you’ve always wanted.

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