Golden Rules of Good Hair Care, We all like to look nice, don’t we? Our personal appearance is something we all are mindful of, no matter how much we deny it sometimes. And why would we not be? Attractive people get everything handed to them!

That might be a hyperbole, but you get the point, wanting to look our best is something natural that usually doesn’t come naturally. We need to consciously invest time and effort into our appearance on a regular basis. One part that requires much focus is our hair. 

One day it looks nice and the next it’s unpresentable, what to do? Get a hands-on-deck on fixing it.

In order to avoid doing long routines when going out, so it looks great, why not better make it a habit to properly take care of it? That way it’ll be looking great most of the time anyway. To have your hair natural looking like a million bucks, follow these golden rules of good hair care.

Turn Down the Heat

You love how your hair looks straightened; we get it, but your hair doesn’t love it so much. The cold (hot) hard truth about heat and hair is that it removes all moisture from it, and dryness comes before brittleness.

Use less frequently the hair straightener and the blow dryer, consider dropping them even completely. Lastly, be mindful of the sun, continuous exposure to intense sunlight heat does the same thing, better put on a hat. Your hair will thank you.

Less Shampooing

Remember what I just said about dryness? Yes, the shampoo does it too. The shampoo also gets rid of natural oils of the hair which leaves it, you guessed it, dry! Do it less frequently, only shampoo your hair two times a week, and remember to rinse it out good.

No Ammonia

Ammonia is an ingredient of many shampoos and hair products, and it shouldn’t be. Ammonia makes the hair’s protective layer, the cuticle, lift and expose the hair shaft and its cortex. Which is a bit traumatic for it, since the cuticle is meant to stay in place. Read the ingredient list next time, if it has ammonia on it, drop it.

Deep Conditioning

Conditioner is very important since it provides so much moisture to your hair that leaves it radiant. The deep conditioner does, even more, so better get yourself one. Essential oils also work exactly the same, just apply it all over your hair and leave it on for 20 to 30 minutes, rinse afterwards. Do these treatments only two times a week, doing it more frequently might end up having the opposite effect

Minerals and Vitamins

You want to make sure your diet includes foods rich in Iron, Zinc, and Vitamins A, B, C, and E. They all make your hair look amazing. Deficiencies of iron and vitamin B, in particular, do the exact opposite. Include them all on your diet. Supplements can also help you too.

Less dyeing, No Bleaching

The dye contains ammonia and peroxide, two things that lift the cuticle and remove the original hair colour to make room for the new one. That is a traumatic experience for the hair. If you like to dye, please use only semi-permanent dyes, which are less aggressive. Also, don’t bleach. Bleaching requires even more aggressive use of peroxide, which often weakens the hair to the point of breakage.

The Right Brush

Forget combs; use a brush. A round one with many no-so-stiff strands, preferably. Brush every morning going from the roots and down. This has your hair looking amazing, clean, and well-kept. Additionally, don’t brush your hairs when it’s wet, you might end up pulling them.

Cold Water

Got the bad kind of goosebumps just thinking about it? Well, suck it up buttercup. This is essential. Again, your hair does not like being dry. Moreover, hot water does just that to it. If you like hot water, cover your hair very well during the shower, then switch to cold water just to wash it. Or, you know, grow a pair and learn to endure a cold water shower.

Towel Drying

Since the hair dryer produces heat, and heat is a big no-no, get the towel. Use a microfiber towel since their fibres won’t get stuck and pull a hair. Alternatively, why not let the air do the job? Your choice.

Routinely following these golden rules of good hair will leave a hair that looks great without any extensive time at the hairdresser.

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