Hair Care Routines That are Damaging Your Hair

Hair Care Routines That are Damaging Your Hair, We have a lot of hair care routines so ingrained in us culturally that we do not question if they are at all safe for our hair to withstand. Turns out, some of them aren’t. Chances are that you regularly do a lot of common hair care routines that are damaging your hair. You’ll do good on avoiding some such as these.

Shampooing Your Hair Everyday

Have you ever heard of good things are bad in excess? Here that applies. Shampoo your hair only two times a week, max. Why? You see, it turns out that shampoo is damaging to your hair. Not so much as never washing it, mind you, but to cleanse it, shampoo removes filth alongside natural oils of the hair.

The hair without its oils becomes frail and dry, suitable for breaking. Less shampooing, less prone breaking, it’s that simple. Also, add conditioner always after shampooing those two times a week, it will provide much-needed moisture.

Towel Drying

Drying your hair with a towel is good, but there’s doing something properly and doing it badly, most people do it very badly. Instead of wrapping your hair with a towel and wringing the water out of it, gently place the towel around it and pad it up and down, so it absorbs the water.

Combing Your Hair When It’s Wet

You just got out of the shower, gotta get ready for that big date, there no time to waste, get your hair done now. Not so fast, you should let that hair dry first. Hair is already being pulled down when it is soaking wet due to gravity makes it weigh more. It does not need you to pull from it more by combing it.

Ever notice more hairs in your comb after using right out of a bath, there’s the reason why. Let your hair dry on its own before combing it, which also applies to.

Using Too Much Heat

Heat makes the hair dry. Shocking, I know. By evaporating the moisture that your hair needs to live, you are effectively dehydrating it on purpose. Hair straighteners, hairdryers do so, even dyes and bleaching to similarly through chemicals.

Avoid all of those, let your hair dry on its own with the air, if you got to use hair straighteners use the only Los to mild heat. Ad for dye and bleach, consider dropping them completely or only using semi-permanent dyes that are closer to your hair colour.

Sleeping with The Wrong Pillow Case

Now that your taste in pillowcases is nothing but exquisite, on the contrary, you probably have got some of the prettiest. But, probably not one from the right material. Conventional cloth pillow cases can actually be harmful to your hair, believe it or not. How? A strand of hair might get tangled and pulled.

As simple as that, and is more common than you think, haven’t you ever found some hair of yours in your pillow? That’s the point. Choose to use a silk pillowcase; instead, they have zero chance of catching your hair since they smoothly glide all over it. Best of all, your hair will also feel like a million bucks. esteGrande Instagram

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