Hair Damage from the Sun, Sun rays are one of the issues that we should be careful about for our hair health in summer. Just as the excessive sun rays damage our skin, they also have a negative effect on our hair strands. If you see problems such as drying on the hair strands in the summer, this may be because of the harmful rays of the sun. It is possible to survive the summer season without any damage by protecting your hair.

The UV rays emitted by the sun show their effects on our hair strands and cause the hair to dry out. Hair that loses moisture becomes dull and damaged. The harmful rays of the sun that cause thinning of the outer structure of the strands and breakage of the hair also pose a high risk for dyed hair. UV rays also reduce the effect of colour pigments on dyed hair. For this reason, hair has a lifeless appearance and loses its shine.

UV rays cause damage to the protein structure in the hair and loss of protein. These proteins in the hair strands are essential for the healthy appearance of our hair. However, the proteins in the hair decrease when exposed to sunlight, and our hair starts to appear lifeless.

How to Protect Hair from the Sun

As you know now the effect of the sun on our hair, you may not want to go out again in the summer. However, it is possible to enjoy the sun and protect your hair from UV rays. To protect your hair from the sun, we suggest you take a look at our suggestions below.

  1. Use sun protection.

Just as we use sunscreen cream for our body, we should also apply sun protection to our hair. Sun protection, hair-care oils, conditioners, or hair sprays with UV filters protect your hair from direct rays of the sun, preventing your hair from wearing out. Especially those with dyed hair should not go out without applying sunscreen on their hair.

  1. Use a nourishing shampoo.

In addition to swimming in the sea, swimming pool, sun exposure for a long time, washing the hair with foaming shampoos every day can also cause dryness in the hair. In the summer, you should use sulphate-free, nonfoaming shampoos to prevent your hair from drying out.

The nonfoaming shampoos transfer the nutrients that your hair needs to the hair strands and will remove the harmful effects of sun rays from your hair.

  1. Include foods that contain biotin.

It will be beneficial to consume plenty of foods containing biotin, which is vital for the nutrition of the hair in the summer. Biotin will strengthen the hair strands.

The harmful rays by the sun cause the hair to become unhealthy and dry-looking. For this reason, it is necessary to protect the hair, like skin, from direct sunlight during the summer months when the sun is severe.

Hair Transplant to the Scalp Due to Sun Damage

For hair that starts to experience a loss due to the sun, firstly the hair loss is observed in the forehead and crown area. When no necessary care is taken, hair loss in these areas spreads over the entire scalp over time. Note that it is possible to implant hair to these areas before the whole scalp becomes bald.

Regional hair transplant to the hair damaged by the sun using the FUE technique will create an opportunity to regain your healthy hair in one to two hours. For people with sparse or absent hair, it is possible to have a complete hair transplant, if necessary, using nape hair as a donor area.

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