Hair loss (alopecia) can be permanent or temporary, it can affect your entire body or your scalp alone. It can be the result of hormonal changes, heredity, medical conditions, or a normal part of aging. It’s more common in men but, anyone can lose hair on their head.

Baldness basically means excessive hair loss from the scalp. The most common cause of baldness is hereditary hair loss with age. Some people choose to let their hair loss run its course without treatment and without disguise. Other people may opt to cover it up with hairstyles, makeup, hats, or wigs. And still many others prefer one of the treatments available to prevent further hair loss or restore growth.

Before looking for a hair loss treatment, talk with your medical professional about the  main cause of your hair loss and figure put available treatment options best suited for you.


Hair loss can emerge in many different occasions, depending on what is the reason behind. It can appear out of the blue or over time and affect your entire body or just your scalp.

Hair loss symptoms and signs may include:

  • Thinning on top of head over time. This type of hair loss is the most common, affecting people as they get older. with men, hair loss begins to recede at the hairline on the forehead. Women typically have hair loss on the middle line in their hair. The most common hair loss pattern with women as they get older is a receding hairline which (frontal fibrosing alopecia).
  • Patchy or Circular bald spots. Some people lose hair in patchy or circular bald spots on the beard, scalp, or eyebrows. It may cause some itchiness or pain on your skin before the hair falls out.
  • Sudden loss of hair. An emotional or physical shock can cause the hair loss. Hair in bulk may come out when washing or brushing your hair or even after gentle pulling on the hair. This type of hair loss is temporary and usually causes overall thinning of the hair.
  • Entire-body hair loss. Some medical treatments and conditions, for example chemotherapy for cancer, can make it so that the person loses hair all over their body. The hair generally grows back after the treatment and conditions are gone.


Human beings usually lose 50 to 100 hair strands a day. This typically doesn’t catch notice because of the new hair is growing in each and every day. Hair loss appears when new hair stops replacing the hair that is lost.

Hair loss is generally caused by one or more of the following factors:

  • Heredity (family history). The most common cause of hair loss is when it happens with aging as a hereditary condition. This type of hair loss is called androgenetic alopecia, male-pattern baldness, and female-pattern baldness. It typically appears over time and in usual patterns —thinning hair along the crown of the scalp in women and bald spots with a receding hairline in men.
  • Medical conditions and Hormonal imbalances. A great deal of conditions can cause permanent or temporary hair loss, including hormonal imbalances due to pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, and thyroid problems. Medical conditions may include alopecia areata, which is an immune system based and causes patchy hair loss, scalp infections such as ringworm, and it also could be hair-pulling disorder which is called trichotillomania.
  • Supplements and medications. Hair loss may be a side effect of some medication, such as the ones used for cancer, arthritis, depression, heart problems, gout, and high blood pressure treatments.
  • Radiation therapy to the head. The hair may not tend to grow back the as it was before.
  • A very traumatic event. Most people go through an overall thinning of hair for a few months after a physical or mental shock. This type of hair loss is temporary in most cases.

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