Hair Loss; How to Get Creative When You Start to Lose It?

Hair Loss; How to Get Creative When You Start to Lose It? “Add a little olive oil and an egg white, a little bit mashed garlic, leave in on for an hour, rinse and you are good to go.” These lines may sound like a cooking recipe to many of you while people who suffer from hair loss would understand that this is a basic do-it-yourself hair mask recipe. 

Hair Loss; How to Get Creative When You Start to Lose It?

Today, %25 of men who are under 25 years old are suffering from hair loss. Although it’s not as common as in men, many women also suffer from hair loss. This might be emotionally upsetting and affect your self-confidence.  

Why do Be Lose Hair?

The reasons for hair loss are stress, metabolic diseases or anything that affect the anagen phase of the hair. Hair grows in 3 phases; anagen, telogen, and catagen. At the anagen phase, your hair keeps growing continuously. When this phase is short, most of your hair gets into the catagen phase at the same time and starts to fall. It’s because the hair growth cycle is not working as it should be.

There is more than one solution when it comes to hair loss. You can prefer medical treatments by a dermatologist, or you can try natural treatments. You also need to be sure that you are taking essential nutrients, or you don’t have any illness that affects your health. If you are not ready for the hard work, you can try some creative ways to hide your baldness.

Things that You Could Try

Some people are using colourful powders matching their hair colour on their scalp, which makes the hair look thicker and make your scalp less visible and the bald spots.

To begin with, if your baldness started from your hairline, you can cut your hair short and leave the bangs long. This hairstyle will make your face look fresh and hide your hairline.

Leaving the top of your hair messy and long, the bottom line shorter will hide the bald spots at the top. Applying a volume filler cream would make your hair look thicker than it is. If you have wavy hair, this might be a good solution for you.

A really good way to hide baldness at the sides would be growing your hair long to the sides. You can use mousse to get rid of the fizziness. Or if you are losing your hair equally from every side, you may try cutting it really short. Short hair already makes your skin visible so bald spots won’t get that much attention.

Medical Treatment

You may also try to grow only one side of your hair and brush it towards the other side if the baldness is only in the middle. Wearing hats that fit your style or going completely bald by shaving your hair are also good ways.

You can try one of these simple solutions until you need to get a medical or more permanent treatment to get rid of the baldness. You can also try masks or natural treatments that you can do at home to minimize your thinning hair while you feel more comfortable trying these creative ways.

However, the most successful and popular method you can have is the hair transplant. Here, at esteGrande, we help you to regain your beloved hair after a small operation. If you are interested in undergoing a transplant process, you can get in touch with us and learn more about the procedure.

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