Hair Loss in African American Women

Hair Loss in African American Women, Spirals, coils, loops, zigzags, and other curves; it takes hours to make them perfect. Except for African American women, they have any kind of perfect curl since birth. While other races usually have straight, wavy hair, African American women have tightly curled strands. Of course, like all other beautiful things, having perfect curls has a downside too. Curly hair tends to be weaker because the point where it bends is the weak point in the hair shaft; this makes it more prone to breakage. This is why African American women need to a little bit more sensitive when it comes to hair care. 

Hair Loss in African American Women

The key to a nice shiny hair is the natural oils we all produce. Yes, it’s the oil you see in your head when you don’t wash it long enough. Although two or three days would be enough for straight hair to get oily, African American hair needs to wait for more for it because of the curls. So, African American women shouldn’t wash their hair too often. It will dry out your hair, and you will end up having split ends. 

Why does it Happen?

A study made in the United States of America showed African American women are more prone to hair loss. Hair loss is a genetic disposition among African American women. 

Hairstyles such as braids, chemical relaxing, and wearing weaves are increasing the risk of hair loss. A disease called Central Centrifugal Cicatricial Alopecia causes hair loss in black women. Alopecia is a disorder that causes inflammation and destruction to the hair follicles, can cause permanent hair loss. This disease is triggered by heat, chemicals, and tight hairstyles.

How to Prevent Hair Loss?

Seeking medical help from a dermatologist might help to understand scalp damage or illnesses that may be causing hair loss. Identifying the cause will make it easier to find a solution. Although genetics plays a key role in hair loss, they are curable. You should get action as soon as possible to save your hair.

The best thing that you could do for your hair is to stop damaging it. Styling practices might be the cause of your hair loss. When it comes to African American hair, they tend to resist gravity and really hard to shape. This is why African American women usually use harsher ways to shape their hair.

The problem is using chemicals, heat and other things that damage your hair repeatedly. Try to keep your hair natural for a while. Also, avoid tight hairstyles that put pressure on hair follicles. If you have braids, it is a good idea to remove them every three months. 

Do not wash your hair every day. As mentioned before, your hair needs the natural oils that you are producing. If you have dyed hair, make sure these processes are made by a professional. If you still notice breakage, avoid chemical treatments completely. 

After all, you need to take care of your body, mentally and physically. Avoid stress and aggressive diets. Try to take essential nutrients daily, and don’t overdo hair care.

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