Today, many young people face the problem of hair loss during their twenties. Studies show that 20 per cent of twenty-year-old white men begin to experience hair shedding.

If you are experiencing hair loss in your twenties, the first thing you should do is to learn the type and level of your hair loss. In this way, you can take precautions in the earlier period, and even if you cannot stop your hair loss, you can postpone your possible balding with the correct treatment.

Causes of Hair Loss in Your Twenties

Androgenetic alopecia is the leading cause of hair loss in one’s twenties. Male pattern hair loss is a common and known type of hair loss starting from the forehead and crown area. AGA is a genetic problem. Depending on the suitability of the patient, doctors use different treatment methods, such as slowing down the hair loss with medication or replacing it with a hair transplant. There are other factors that cause hair loss in early age.

  1. Various diseases

Some diseases such as ringworm, lupus, hypothyroidism, polycystic ovary, anabolic steroid syndrome, and anaemia can cause hair loss. In hair loss caused by various conditions, it is essential to treat these diseases first. Doctors cannot apply hair treatment procedures while the disease exists. 

  1. Malnutrition

It is a common situation in people who spend their days with junk food, especially in their twenties, without paying much attention to the diet. Our hair is profoundly affected by our diet. The hair follicles are fed with blood carried by the capillaries, and they shrink over time and lose health if they do not get enough nutrients.

The importance you give to your nutrition will prevent you from experiencing hair loss in your twenties. Also, it will support the reduction of your hair loss rate. Vitamins nourish the hair from inside.

  1. Stress

The effects of stress are always underestimated. But you should know that stress plays an active role in the progression of many diseases in our body. While the impact of long-term stress can manifest itself in the hair, short-term stress can also affect the hair suddenly in intensely stressful situations. When the stress factor disappears, hair loss stops. But in cases of sudden, long-term, and intense stress, the recovery of the hair follicles takes serious time as well.

Based on these factors mentioned above, we can deduce that eating healthy, getting regular exercise, and finding ways to channel stress are great ways to protect your hair effectively.

Precautions for Hair Loss in Your Twenties

You may be lucky to diagnose your hair loss at an early age. You should contact a dermatologist and have the necessary examinations. However, you can also prevent hair loss with proper home treatments. If you cannot go to a doctor, you can follow these steps to get healthy hair.

  • Know the types and causes of hair loss.
  • Check your hair loss level with the Norwood Scale.
  • Choose a suitable product against hair loss.
  • Change your diet to strengthen your hair.
  • Take advantage of food supplements that may be beneficial to your hair.
  • Prefer not to use hairstyling products.
  • Stay away from stress.
  • Quit smoking
  • Engage in sports.

Especially in male-type hair loss, treating hair loss requires a serious treatment. It is currently impossible to wholly restore lost hair follicles in genetic hair loss. If you do not want your hair loss to result in baldness in a short time, you should regularly apply long-term treatment methods.

The only effective treatment for genetic shedding is hair transplant. With today’s treatment methods and new techniques, you can find solutions even when the hair root is entirely dead. Here in our facility, we apply the latest procedures with an experienced team. Contact us so we can help you.

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