Hair Loss Specialists, Today, there are so many people who suffer from hair loss. It may be genetic or because of environmental factors such as stress, air pollution or the things that you use. When you try all those do-it-yourself treatments, and you are still losing your hair dramatically, it may be a good sign for you to go and see a hair loss specialist. 

There might be so many reasons why you are losing your hair. The sooner you find the cause, the better you get the results.

What is a Hair Loss Specialist?

Dermatologists are trained to diagnose everything that affects your skin, hair, and nails. As mentioned before, there might be so many reasons for hair loss. A dermatologist would get to the root of the problem and successfully treat your hair loss.  

Diagnosis of Hair Loss

To understand why you are suffering from hair loss, your doctor runs a bunch of tests after the physical examination. Firstly, blood tests. This will help to uncover medical conditions related to hair loss. They also perform something called the pull test. 

The doctor pulls the hair gently to see how many hairs you are losing. This helps to determine the stage of the shedding process. The third test is a scalp biopsy. During this test, the doctor scrapes samples from the skin to examine the hair roots. This way, he can see if there is an infection on your scalp. Also, the doctors use a special instrument called light microscopy to examine hair bases.

Treatment of Hair Loss

There are several treatments for hair loss according to the underlying disease. After the diagnose, your doctor might decide on medication depending on the disease. This may include drugs to reduce inflammation or drugs to strengthen your immune system. In some cases, your doctor might advise surgery to promote hair growth.

Surgical procedures might be more expensive and painful than the others. They take a long time to heal, and there might be some possible risks. But if your hair loss is permanent, hair transplant surgery might be the only solution to your problem.

During a hair transplant procedure, the doctor removes several hairs from the backside of your scalp then implants the hair follicle into the bald sections. There are many well-trained and experienced Turkish doctors who perform hair transplant surgery. In our facilities, we help you with the courtesy of top-notch hair transplantation experts. 

How to Find a Hair Loss Specialist?

Before you find a doctor, you can go online and ask the internet. There are so many websites to get information about doctors. You can ask for before-after procedure photos or visit the doctor’s office before you make an appointment.

Also, before you go to your appointment, make a list of things that you need to tell the doctor. This list may contain when did you start losing your hair, which medication you are currently using and great stress factors in your life. If you make another list of questions to ask your doctor, it will help you to save some time. 

On the other hand, by simply getting in touch with us, you can get answers to your questions, such as price, symptoms, etc. Our professionals will provide you with everything you need to know about the procedure.

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